Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Today I finally left for Akron since my work boots arrived yesterday. I finished laundry and watched Charmed season 8 with Sara. She is almost done watching the series. I am glad she likes it as much as I do.  I left after that. I got back to Akron without much trouble. The drive in my new vehicle was nice. I unloaded most of the vehicle when I got back. Grabbed the two textbooks I had sold on Amazon and headed to the Post office to mail them out. Upon arriving home I decided to tackle my lists. I thrive off of lists. If I have a list I won't forget something because I will cross it off. If something on the list doesn't get done today, it will tom. Lists are my way of organizing my otherwise crazy life. I make lists for almost everything. I would rather be super organized than unorganized. So I started by unpacking my things, and repacking at the same time for my orientation next week. Then I decided to sort through my paperwork that I have been neglecting. Considering I have a new savings account, and new car paperwork I thought it would be a good idea to get this done ASAP. After all that was done it was time for dinner. It was darn near close to 8pm by the time I decided to look for something. I found some mashed potatoes, sauerkraut and sausage if freezer and ate that. I will go to grocery store tom. It is supposed to snow here tonight and tom. I am not really worried about that so much as the cold. I have my personal heater so I am not too worried about keeping my room warm but going out will be a challenge. After eating I looked through the homework the company wants us to do before we arrive. I read the employee manual and found out I am an at will employee which is very interesting . I can quit or they can fire me anytime with/without notice. I do not know how often this comes into play but I know someone who has worked there for a while so I am not too worried about not surviving. This will definitely be different from any other job I have had in the past but I am going to embrace it for what it is. I am up for the challenge this work will present. I know it will be hard but I think it will make me stronger as a person and give me time to figure myself out. I am sure there may be plenty of long blogs coming up. I am nervous about next week because I may be the only female in my training class but I am a Honors college graduate, I am sure I can handle what they throw at me. Hell I am thinking of reviewing a course book before next week because I will need it. Not to mention reading about the geology of the Appalachian area in which I will be working. Well I have turned my organizational post into one about my job. That is where my mind is right now though. Somehow it still feels unreal. I am sure I will feel better when I arrive at the hotel on Sun. afternoon and then the job on Mon. morning.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Boots are made for Walking

I have great news! My boots finally showed up this evening! I am extremely happy. Now I feel like I have everything from home at least that I need for next week. Now I am ready to head back to Akron and get my life sorted out. I want to get back, get everything unpacked, just so I can pack it all up again. I definitely want to work on my excel sheet of monthly bills. I am going to try and keep better track of what I am spending this year Well, I should prob. go to bed now. I have a lot to do tom from packing up at home, to driving to Akron, to unpacking and organizing at apartment. Night!


Today I have spent the day running errands again.I had a nice lunch with Sara at Olive garden. Then, I got a AAA car safety package just in case. I also went to Verizon to get a car charger. Turns out my phone is not being made anymore and to get my charger was only $6. I had to have it shipped to Akron, but that isn't too much of a problem since it will probably arrive by Thurs. or Fri. Let's see I called the company I ordered my boots from twice today. Once in the morning and then again this afternoon. They said they would return my call within 2 hours and they didn't so I called again. I hate being a pain in the butt, but I want to know where my boots are considering I need them for Monday. I stopped at Meijer to see if they had any boots there and they didn't. I was happily surprised when the boot company called and said the boots should be delivered today! Now I am looking at getting an induction plate. I am going to hold off on buying it for now but might be good for the hotel room and making dinners if I don't want to eat out. I will probably become the queen of only using one pan to cook in lol.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I really like this dress. It is very close in style to the Jessica dress that I have tried on. I love the layering in the dress. I am not crazy about the shimmering organza though. When I tried the dress on at Romantic gowns in Dayton the consultant said I could have the Jessica dress (almost same style) made in flat or regular organza for only $80. more. I am sure the Maggie dress is above my price range because of the crystals. I will have to go find it in a store and try the Maggie on and see how it compares to the Jessica.


I like this dress because it is close in style to the Natalia dress. I would like to try it on.


Dress I liked I went dress shopping for the first time.

Wedding Dress Shoping

Well I have gone wedding dress shopping a couple of times. First, I went with my mom and future Mother-in-law. I found a dress called Natalia by Maggie Sottero I really like....the link will follow the post. I am also attaching another dress I like from an online store. I went and tried the dress on and love the style called Jessica. Maggie has a dress called Pia just like it... I am going to see if I can track it down and try it on. 

Friday, January 22, 2010

New Car

I finally got a new car. Well actually it is an SUV! I purchased a 2006 Ford Escape XLT 4X4 SUV. It is black. I love driving my new car. I am going to try to keep it really clean. The back 2 seats fold down to give more room in the back which is awesome since I will be living out of my car for a while. I am going to try and find a way to organize my stuff in my car. Let the lists begin lol. I would like to purchase floor mats to keep the ones in the car clean.
 I am still waiting on a call from my Orientation trainer. I hope to receive a call by Monday. I still need to purchase my boots. I was told by someone working there I need steel toe, water proof, and insulated boots. These have proven hard to find for women.  I also need to get first aid kit, fire blanket, MRE's etc to keep me warm in case I get stuck somewhere. I hope this doesn't happen but who knows. I will also be ready for the apocalypse just in case (you never know). I am going to go try and find the boots I want in the area tom. Hope I can find what i am looking for. Here is to a Friday night at home.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Well since I only have one follower I think it is safe to post my news. I have dropped out of grad. school! I have job with Geosearch logging Inc. I am super excited about this new opportunity. It is a chance for me to get out into the field, get my hands dirty, and make some money. I think it is a great job to start out in and hopefully move up. I will be in a trailer next to a drill rig, conducting tests on the drilling mud which I will go collect every so often ( I get to get dirty). It is not the most glorious job in the world but is a good place to start. I am really excited about this opportunity. I will be working 12 hour shifts which I am not used to but, I figure if a nurse can do it I can certainly! I am preparing myself as much as I can. I am buying a new car (Ford Escape), getting insurance, and all that jazz. I am finding out the joys of being an adult. I will write more tom morrow about my excursion (relating to the wedding) on Tues.!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Text books

After being in college for four years I have a lot of textbooks lying around. I am currently trying to sell these on Amazon. My seller name is Zippy! Please check them out!