Sunday, February 21, 2010


Life is moving slowly these days. On Thurs. around midmorning I got a return email from my manager. I had asked if I would be called out to work in the next couple days or if I could head home. He thought it would be a good idea to head on home for a few days. Next thing I know I am loading up my Escape with my inflatable bed and computer chair.

I had to mess up my nice organized vehicle to fit the computer chair in my car! I was not very excited. I brought everything I would need for work with me just in case I was called out while at home. I stopped in Toledo to drop the chair off and ended up staying with David to eat dinner. I then finished my drive back to Kalida.
Friday morning I went to a doctor's appointment Sara had in Findlay. After the appointment we stopped at Papillion Boutique . I looked for a wedding dress. There wasn't many that were catching my eye. The associate pulled a dress and I just had to try it on! I put the dress on and I knew it was the dress! It was a Maggie Sottero dress. The dress is a Satin with tulle over top. The top is a sweat heart neckline with bedding. and the bedding pulls to the side with beds defining my waist. It is just gorgeous. The dress has some form from the satin but is a little more girly from the tulle, the bedding gives the dress just enough glitz, and defines my waist. I am so excited. It is a little too small but not too small that I will not be able to work towards wearing it in a year and a half!  The wii fit, balance balls, and weight balls are my new best friends!
After going to Findlay I went to Walmart with my mom and ordered vases with my mom for the wedding. I had a busy Friday night ahead of me. I traveled to David's house after we got back. David's mom was having her birthday party in BG with her sisters and I was going ! I was really excited. We traveled up to BG and eventually Toledo with David's Aunt and Uncle. I had a great time at the bars in downtown BG. Even though bars are not really my thing I wouldn't mind going back because of the selection. The party continued to David's Aunt's house in Toledo. I stayed up till at least 2am just chatting. I really enjoyed the time spent with David's family. In the morning I awoke to a light in my eyes! It was only about 7 am! Ugh! Breakfast was good and filled with more conversation.
After Breakfast we traveled to David's cousins house. I really enjoyed this part of the trip. I really envy his cousin and his wife. They both seem to have good jobs, they have a nice, house and they just got a puppy. All are things I am looking forward to having in the future! The house was an older house with a lot of character! I loved it! The size was just right. I could see David and I living in a house similar to theirs for a while. The ride back was good and I managed to get a little nap.
My tooth has been bothering me for the past week. I had been out with my bf Jen to a movie and ended up getting popcorn stuck in between my gum and teeth. I managed to finally get the popcorn out around Wed. or Thurs. but the area was still inflamed. Sat. on the drive back it was hurting again. I took some Ibuprofen and called it good. I used the water pike and hydrogen peroxide when I got home. It was an interesting experience having hydrogen peroxide foaming in my mouth. The gum seems to be  bit better but still really irritated. there was no way I was going to the urgent care clinic when the previous day I had received my bill from my Christmas trip for a sinus infection for $70. I will see how it is on Mon. and decide whether to go to the dentist.
Sat. night I just planned to relax at my parents but after having comp. troubles and deciding we wanted to watch Zombieland David and I traveled up to the video store to rent the video. We drove past seeing the store was closed. We ended up watching Olympics with David's parents and friends. Sunday was the bridal show at he American Legion in Fort Jennings. There were two very good caterers there and good cake as well. I ended up wining an arch entrance way for the wedding!! Yay! One less thing to buy or rent! The rest of the day was spent trying to fix the computer and doing taxes! At least  I get a good return and can pay my bills thru March! Ugh! Responsibilities!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blogs I love

Well I have been a bloggie for a while now. I had one before and have one again. Here is a collection of blogs I love to read and a short description. Secrets are posted every Sunday. I find it interesting the personal secrets people do not want to share with those around them but can tell complete strangers. Holly and the Hounds. Blog written by my cousin Holly in Texas helps keep in touch with events in her awesome life!
Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. I came across this blog when it was nominated for a blog award! I just this morning found how she met her Marlboro Man! The story is the most romantic love story I have read in a while and reminds me why I love the country so much. I recommend you read it !!!! Cake Wrecks
I love cake and I enjoy seeing well made cakes and blunders. Confessions of a Young Married Couple. I enjoy this blog because I will be a married person soon, well soon enough anyway. I also enjoy reading about Bean, their adorable little man. I hope I have a kid that cute some day.
The next two I have found in my surfing but I am not sure if they are keepers yet.
 I am glad I only have a few favorite blogs in addition to facebook and twitter. It keeps my surfing to a minimum....and that still is hours :P

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Great Book Series Reads

I have decided to get rid of my books on Amazon. I have read them and they are now just taking up room in my apartment. I will prob. want to read them again but I will go to the library. My favorite book series is still Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. I will never part with these books as they are too near and dear to my heart. The many sleepless nights I have read them. Next, would have to be Harry Potter. I do not have these with me at my apartment but I do not think I can part with them in any event.  My obsession with vampires has translated to the books I have read lately. I have read the Night World series by L.J. Smith. I have read books 1-3. Each book contains three stories detailing the separate stories of all the characters. I also like the Alyson Noel series entitled The Immortals. I am selling the books I have read from the last two series on amazon. I just got some more to read in my time off. I will hopefully start reviewing them on here.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bloody Psycho in the Snow!

My evening started out nice and normal.....AND THEN the bloody psycho appeared at my door!

 Ok to explain  what happened. I had a great evening with my friend Jen. Including shopping at stores in Acorn Alley in Kent and Maurices. I scored $35. boots for $8 dollars. I in total got Jeans, sweet boots, and socks for $34. That is right! I was stoked. We also ate at Parasson's Italian restaraunt yum o. We had chocolates for dinner from Empire chocolates! The snow had been coming down since I left at 3 pm and by 7ish it was about 4 inches deep. I dropped Jen off and decided to head home. It took 45 min when it usually takes 15 min because of the snow covered roads. I saw a tractor trailer 90 degrees to the highway with the cab pointed in the wrong direction and a tour bus in the middle median strip (luckily still upright but stuck). It was an interesting drive. 

I made my way to Sheetz intending to get my self some adult beverages on my snowed in Friday night and had the pleasure of having my door opened by a young gentleman with the same idea. I was in a pretty good mood after all the events of the night.  I sat down to fiddle with my new netbook (for my job) and relax. After a chat with my Mom and David I continued watching Twister. AND THEN! 

Around 11:30 there was a pounding on my door. I had been hearing rough noises from upstairs all night so I just thought it may be a stupid drunk neighbor playing a prank. I was severely wrong. The pounding on doors continued.....and then returned to my door. I was scared after the first pounding because I am all alone tonight. I locked the top lock just after the first pounding. When the pounding returned again I asked what was wrong. A man returned to my door and said he needed help. Being taught to not trust strangers I was trying to figure out what he needed and if he was a psycho or not. The man was acting pretty shady and distraught. He was asking for help because his girlfriend was bleeding to death.  I at this point still did not believe him but said I will call 911. Well I tried to call on my cell but the batt. was almost dead so I switched to the landline (sorry 911).  I finally explained to the dispatcher and then the fire department dispatcher what was going on. I decided I needed to go downstairs and open the door so they could get in when they got here. The man was still going crazy. He was in a complete panic. Me being level headed was trying to get him to calm down. He was having none of it and I could barely hear the dispatcher. She asked me to put him on the phone and so I just let him have my phone. He went back up to his apartment. I went up to my room put on my crocs and coat and went down to direct the authorities to the right apartment while he was helping his girlfriend. Well the authorities were taking a while because the weather is awful. So I decide to go up and see if this guy needs any help. Well he is on the phone cursing up a storm because they aren't arriving fast enough. Granted there was blood everywhere on the carpet on him, on her and on the cabinets but she was still conscious. I helped hold her up while he applied pressure to the head wound. The girl was a mess. First of all her hair was matted and dyed red (didn't help to see where she was bleeding). I don't think matting was all from blood. Then she only had on panty hose (no underwear) a bra with sweater pulled up. She was rolling around and moaning. An officer finally arrived and took over the situation. The paramedics were there soon after. I asked for my phone back and told the officer about which apartment I was in if she needed to talk to me. I then proceeded to go back to my apartment with a bloody phone and hand and rushing adrenaline. I cleaned off my phone at least twice with Lysol disinfectant and cleaned my hands at least twice. 

Sadly, the blood almost made me throw up. I think I did a pretty good job of keeping my cool. While my neighbor friend was psycho. I really hope I don't have to deal with him again. He managed to come back down and thank me for being the only one to answer my door. I think I was the only one around but who knows my other neighbors may just not give a damn ( nice to know right). 

Here is what I think happened. The girlfriend of my neighbor was not actually his girlfriend but a hooker. I really have no idea. Makes the story better though. Anyway, I believe the noises I heard before were them coming home drunk.Then things were getting hot and heavy and something went wrong. She "hit" her head on the corner of his square glass table. This girl had almost no clothing on. She was wearing panty hose, no underwear, a sweater which was pulled above her bra. She was squirming all over and the man was so panicked he must have been drunk. I honestly don't know what happened but I will not be speaking to this particular neighbor again unless it is necessary.  

My nice day ended in a crazy psycho neighbor and snow. I am hoping the rest of my night goes a little smoother. I hope I can relax enough to sleep tonight.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


My training for Geosearch Logging is now complete. I am happy to report I passed with flying colors. I am now qualified to be a well log analyst. I will be in the field soon under a mentor observing how to do my job in the field and learning how to properly carry out my job in the field. I hope to break out quickly as I would like to prove myself to the company. I am going to do my best. I have a lot of studying and reading to do to understand the background geology of the PA, OH, and WV region. I really hope I don't have to drill on air but I am sure I will have to at some point. I am looking forward to doing my log and doing a very good job. I want to impress both the client and my company. My trainer described how it is possible for a client who likes my work to put me on retainer so I will be available for the next job they would like me to work on. I would love for this to happen to me. I am going to do my best to keep everyone happy and impress everyone. I have learned so much in the last 4 days.  I will make sure I review it all to keep it fresh. I also need to go over the materials presented to me. 
I am in a waiting game now. My manager is away for a company meeting. I am hoping to hear from him by Mon. I am excited to get started on my first well logging job! I will continue to update about interesting places to eat, things to do, and hotels I stay in for my job.
I have bought many things for my job recently. I have a new set of tools. I have stuff in my car I never thought would be there like my box of 100 calorie food, my supplies if i get stranded and other things. I still have more things I need to get too. I need lighters, tow ropes, WD-40 electrical tape, and other assorted stuff. I am going to try and get a lot of stuff on my list done tom.
Hopefully I hear soon.

Sushi at Robokyo

Sushi! Yum, Yum!  On Wednesday night after three days of training I decided to go out and get some sushi. I had been driving past a steakhouse all week. I figured it would be a good place to get some sushi. I stopped in on Wed. night and made my way to the bar. The bartender was very nice. I ordered a Rainbow roll and a peach martini. The martini was very good with only a slight hint of acidity (from orange juice). The bartender was kind enough to bring both regular and reduced sodium soy sauce. My sushi roll arrived and was beautiful. The rainbow roll was Cucumber and crab roll with tuna, salmon, red snapper, shrimp and avocado slices on top. I really enjoyed all of it. I only wish there had been more. The bartender was more than happy to help in any way necessary. I very much enjoyed my sushi and drink. They helped me to relax. I would recommend going if in the area. I look forward to going back when I am in the area for work again. Next time I will stay for dinner.

Robokyo-Japanese Steakhouse
Address: 910 East Pittsburgh St, Greensburg, PA 15601

Review of Knights Inn in Greensburg, PA

While at training in Latrobe, PA I stayed at a Knights Inn. I had a room with a single bed, a recliner, fridge, and microwave. The room was decorated in a style from another decade. Which I am not sure since I haven't been around for that many. The room could have used some fixing up and it smelled of smoke. I had to get a small air cleaner to ensure my allergies did not act up too badly so I didn't get sick. The refrigerator was nice to have since I was there for four days, but it was loud. The heater was also a bit of an annoyance because it was again loud but more importantly clicked and popped a lot. The wiring in the unit was not great as well as when the refrigerator air cleaner and heat were all on at the same time the lights dimmed. The bed was clean, and didn't have any bed bugs. The mattress was less than desirable because it was firm but not a good firm. Firm from the springs, I am glad I will be back in my own bed tonight. The bathroom was not too bad. There was no mold, but the shower head was a hard spray. There was plenty of hot water which was a plus. The carpet did not look too bad but I rarely walked around on it without shoes or socks. The tv was alright but couldn't be turned. The lock on the door didn't make me feel safe either. The door locked every time it was closed but I had to really pull/push to get it shut. I also had to fix the sliding lock because the one screw was pulled out. Overall, I would rate the room as a 2.5/5 for a business traveler on a budget. It will do in a pinch and worked for me while I was at training. More hotel review will follow as I travel more for my job!

Knights Inn

1215 South Main Street
Greensburg, PA 15601-5319
(724) 836-7100