Thursday, March 18, 2010

Time off

As of Wed. night I was officially off work! I got to hang out with my BFF Jen and watch American Idol. I did all the laundry and chilled out. I got to sleep for 12 hours which was a nice change. I finished my tasks and was sucked into CSI. Sara needed my help with directions so it was fortuitous I was near a computer. I helped her out and then decided to leave for home before I got too tired. The drive home was nice but I think a couple of people thought I was crazy. I was singing in the car, messing with GPS, and calling people. It was an interesting drive lol. I washed my car when I got home and it still isn't completely clean. I will be home for a few days visiting family since I am not sure when I will be home next. I am hoping to make it home for a cousins wedding in April but since my work schedule is variable I am not really sure what will happen. If I get off before the wedding or after I am hoping to go stay with my Aunt and Uncle in Maryland (which will be 2 hours away) instead of driving 8 hours home. It is nice to know I am near some kind of family no matter where I go (at least on East coast anyway). I really hope I can be home for the wedding though.
I have no big plans for my time off. I am looking forward to dinner with in-laws family, buying New Moon & maybe Twilight in Forks, possibly seeing Remember me or The Runaways, and hanging out with Sara. I may go see David before going back to work but I am not sure when that will occur. well time to relax. Interesting news is coming tom night (at least for Mack's)

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  1. what do you mean....interesting news???!! Fill me in!!