Friday, December 24, 2010

Last Christmas

I am ecstatic to report that tomorrow will be my last Christmas as Miss Elizabeth Mack! I am so excited to say that! David and I just celebrated the year anniversary of our engagement on Dec. 17th. The countdown has really kicked into high gear now.
I am excited to get to spend Christmas at home with my family not only as an unmarried woman for that last time but also as an Ohioan. After the new year David and I will be Texan's. While Ohio will always be home and where we grew up, I am eager to adopt Texas as my new home state.
I have a new dress to wear tomorrow which I am very excited about. I dropped about a dress size while at work the last time and can't wait to see how the dress fits. I am going to be more serious in the new year about exercising (come on Beto keep me motivated). Speaking of exercising, Jumping Jacks are really kicking my butt! I didn't realize the side pains I have been having is from the jumping jacks. They seem to be paying off because my sides hurt where I want to lose the pounds and so the jumping jacks will continue. The zumba should help with the hips as well.
I am preparing for the wedding by preparing my skin as well. I need more water and have ordered proactive. The system costs about 120/yr and we can afford that right now. I may quit in the future (after the wedding).

The next four days promise to be filled with fun and excitement as I have at least one party a day if not two. My bridal shower is on Sunday and I can't wait to see all the women that are important in my life. I will be missing a few women and wish they could make it but I know they have obligations. I will let you know if I survive the next few days!

Have a Merry Christmas

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Big Move Part I

Ah moving again. After four years of college I would think I would be used to moving. I think I am getting worse with every move actually. Since leaving college I have shuffled from place to place. I had a job where I didn't get to be home a lot so I was basically living out of my car. My stuff was and still is scattered all over. Now some of it is in storage at my sister's and the rest is at my in-laws. Moving to Texas is the longest move I have made thus far. I decided to make a trip down to Texas to bring some stuff down before the big move in January. My car was packed to the ceiling. D packed my car, which I was very happy about. I am fairly good at packing but I have so much stuff that isn't really packed because of the size, shape, and general scatteredness of my things these days. I can't wait to get everything in one place so I can sort through it all and see what things I no longer need. I should probably downsize before we move but in reality I do not really have time to do this before we leave in January. I am going home to a wedding and the holidays. On the list of things to do includes taking care of errands for my own wedding.

My drive down to Texas was really uneventful. I stayed at a really nice new Holiday Inn Express. Holiday Inn Express are now my favorite hotels! I have a rewards card, not sure what it actually does for my or what my rewards will get me but it helps me justify staying at the hotel. The rate per night is a little expensive but when traveling especially after about 10-12 hours in a car I like a comfy bed to sleep in. I love, love, love the beds at Holidays Inn Expresses. I almost want to get one for my own house. They also provide both hard and soft pillows for you choosing.

I arrived in Tyler for work. I filled out the required paper work and took some time to learn the new system I am using for work. I looked up some things to do while I was in the area because I had time after filling out paper work. I found that Tyler has a Rose Garden. It was one of the biggest in the nation. I spent a couple hours looking at all the roses. There were several varieties of roses that I loved because of the bloom, color, and smell.

I hope to go back someday with D and pick out some varieties for our house, when we have one.