Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The choice of chocolate

Well, what a difference a day makes. I got a call yesterday to go to work. I knew that if I really thought about it too much before I left I wouldn't go. I called David and kind of made the decision to go. I didn't actually even have all of the details. I had an idea of where to go and how long it would take to get there. 
The drive out of Houston was fine. I got just outside of the city and I started to feel weird. I am not sure if it was something I ate or drank or if I was just stressed out. I couldn't really focus on anything. My vision wasn't blurry but I couldn't focus on one thing. I tried to keep calm and keep going. 
I got to the hotel around 1am. I was super tired and turned in for the night. I had a hard time sleeping because I was regretting my decision to come also my roommate was snoring pretty loudly. 
Today I wake up and my roommate is heading out to go pick up her car. I sleep until about 9:30 and decide to get up. Not really knowing where to go or what to do I head out on the town. There is nothing around, it is 40 miles to anything I would call civilized (Walmart, McDonalds). I drove around for a while. I then talked to my friend Jenna, and she gave me some advice, advice I had pretty much given her when she was in my situation last year. I appreciate it a lot. 
Then I went back to the hotel. My roommate arrived and we bitched and fussed about work a bit. We figured out where the site was and headed out to find it. We met the company man and the rig up team and were told we would be working on Wednesday. I was a little less than happy! I had another whole day in a strange town 10 hrs from my fiancée with no pay and nothing to do. I got back ate a muffin and surfed. I am becoming a surfing pro(the internet that is).
I talked to my sister twice too. The first time was explaining my situation and hearing about her job woes. The second time we were trying to figure out what I should do about my job dilemma and what career would be a better fit for me. 
Honestly, I know there are a lot of things I could do, but there are not a lot of things I want to do. I want to be a mom. I want to help kids. I want to teach them cool and exciting things about math and science and things they can create. I want them to use that creativity to challenge themselves to create new and better technologies for the world. I want to inspire them to find their true calling in life, Whatever that may be. Not what someone else wants but what they want. 
I talked to my cousin Amy as well. She is planning on coming to stay with David and I in the fall next year while she completes an internship. We are really excited. I mentioned my dilemma with work. She said if D makes enough to support us then it would be hard for her to stay too. 

I just keep thinking how I would like to spend the time at home. How I have done this for a year and shouldn't that be enough. When do I get to enjoy my life? Haven't I suffered enough? 
I have come to this conclusion. I will stay, even though it will be one of the hardest things I have had to do. The only way I am quiting is if another offer comes along in the Houston area and I can make most of the money to cover my bills. I will know that I will quit after this job if I can not do this any longer. It might turn out this is not what I signed up for and I will quit and go home tomorrow (depends on the equipment and how my shift goes). It may end up I will make it to the end of the well. 

I will take it one day at a time and see which chocolate I choose from the box of life.

Today I got a coconut filled chocolate-yuck, it doesn't leave a very good taste in my mouth but it still is chocolate.

Friday, January 21, 2011


The next logical step in the job search process is getting called for the interview. 

 I am happy to report I got called for a few of these. I have already turned down an insurance agent position. I am not a sales person. I do not want to become one. I like to work with people but I do not want to try and sell people a product. A life of sales does not have any appeal to me. 

I also got interviewed for a few nanny positions. I am still waiting to hear back about those and I am trying to be patient. I did get my certification for CPR and first aid. I am hoping this will help me in my future nanny applications. 

I also went to an informational meeting for an admissions position at a small college. It relates to sales that I will be on the phone all of the time calling people to try and see if they are actually interested in attending the school. I will then have to access the interested person and see if they are serious about completing a degree with the school. I think I could do ok in this position. It would be high stress but I think it would be very rewarding to see a student I helped start school graduate college. I hope I hear back about this position next week.

I have been sending out Thank You notes after each of these interviews. I already received one response about the thank you. I think it is important to let the potential employer know how much you appreciate their time.

I don't plan to hear much more this weekend about jobs but hopefully we will do something fun this weekend. 

I got groceries today, and went to the library.
I also made pizza and plan on making roast tom. or on Sun.

Money is starting to come in from refunds from insurance checks and other sources. Finally!
I am still using, hits4pay, swagbucks, and recently added mypoints. It will probably take some time to build up to a gift card but better to start now then later when we really need it!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Job in an internet haystack

Being out of work stinks.

Just thought I would get that off my chest.

Anyway. I have been moved into the apartment and supposed to be back to work for a week now. That would be four weeks without work to the day. Now I don't know if I am being unreasonable but I planned to go back to work when I wanted. Yes, I do have a job that is variable. I planned to be off work for the month of Jan. so I have those bills paid. I did not figure that I would be off work into Feb. and wondering how I will pay those bills.

This leads to the question doesn't David make enough you don't have to work? Well hypothetically yes. Realistically we have a wedding to pay for in May. This fact makes me very nervous. I would usually be ok with the fact I am off for a month. But the fact that I have a wedding to pay for is freaking me out a bit.

I have been anxiously searching for jobs all week. I have tried a lot of places. I think part of my problem may have been my resume so I revamped it. Now it is streamlined, bulleted and airy. I am not sure if I like the new resume but if employers do well that is all that matters.
I never thought it would be so hard to find a good job. I can do so many things. I am a hard worker, great multi-tasker and fast!

Ah, well.

We finally went out and did something fun tonight. We tried a Mediterranean restaurant. It was cafeteria style but really good. I wish I had taken a picture!

Tom. we are going out with friends from Ohio for Texas BBQ. I will try and remember to take pics!

Goal next week is to get a new job and go to the library.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Natural Family Planning

Today was a great day! David and I relaxed at home for a while. I got to exercise. We had some maintenance issues taken care of and headed out to run some errands. Then we got home and I did some chores and David got dinner around. He made BBQ chicken pizza with pineapple, onions, and banana peppers. It was delicious! I am very grateful my future husband is such a good cook. BUT this means I get to do dishes most of the time (YUCK!!!) After the below events of the evening (sensitive info) I made doggy treats for Coda.
Coda in bedrom
 David made granola bars for his breakfast every morning. I can't wait to try them! I will post pics of the bars tom! All in all it was a pretty good day! I received the Night Star (Immortals) today in the mail and can't wait to read it tonight. 

NOTE: Subject matter below deals with religious and sexual issues.

  NFP or Natural Family Planning is the Catholic Practice (Couple to Couple League) of tracking a woman's menstrual cycle in order to determine fertile and infertile times for the purpose of family planning (based on Theology of the body). David and I are currently reading & learning the home study course while I am at home. I will continue tracking my cycle while at work. Thus far it is going well. Nothing too graphic or embarrassing has come up for us. Don't get me wrong though, if you haven't discussed bodily issues such as this in your relationship it may be uncomfortable to say the least.

Why NFP you ask? Well David and I have decided not to have children right away. I do not believe in taking the pill as it is an abortive. I do not like the idea of having sex and creating a child and not providing the right environment for the child, as a woman, and the child dying because of my choices (the pill does not allow attachment of the embryo). Also condoms are not an option because they also prevent the will of God. If God so chooses to bless David and I with a child we have decided we will accept his gift. Right now we are not financially stable and do not feel we have the resources to provide for a child. Therefore we will practice NFP to aid in preventing pregnancy. If we happen to conceive we will accept the child as a blessing from God and raise him or her the best we can with what we have.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Moving into the New Year

Welcome to 2011!
Changes are a comin' this year. I will be getting married. I have moved to Texas with my wonderful fiancée and dog Coda. Lets begin with moving.
First a recap of the end of 2010:
 My whirlwind adventure at home began after getting off work in mid-Dec. I then drove home through all sorts of weather.  I didn't hit bad weather until Illinois where it was freezing rain. I saw an accident happen behind me and then was stopped in traffic 3 times after that for accidents (Luckily I wasn't stopped for too long). I finally made it to Indiana where it was snowing! I continued my journey and after a brief stop (1 hour power nap) arrived at home and attempted to sleep. My family loves me so much they kept me up.
 My best friend from High School got married the weekend I got home. I was busy Friday night and Saturday with wedding events. I was so honored to be a part of her and her husbands special day. I got to experience a new culture and receive an awesome cultural item!
 Christmas came and went with lots of good food and good times with family and friends (see last post). David and I hope to make it home as much as we can but we do have financial limitations just as everyone does.
 New Years Eve 2010 was a whirlwind of adventure! David and I went so many places. First we went to the Fuersts  house for dinner (Mexican YUM!). Then we headed to Rimer to see my best friend from high school Greg and his family. Next was Ottawa to see my sister and David's friends. Then we headed to my parents to say Hi! Finally we ended the night at another one of David's friends house. I really enjoyed seeing all of David's friends (they were mine too) and spending time with them. Luckily we can keep in touch through Facebook and being Techies as they are will never be too far away really!

New Year
Here are my goals for the New Year
Continue to lose weight! (Healthy eating & Portion control)
Read more books
Save money

Save money
Buy a couch, filing cabinet, hammock swing.

Here are a few pics of our new digs! I am not much of a decorator but here is what I have come up with. Somehow  I was able to pull together a color scheme of blues and browns and my pictures etc I have received over the years all match! Crazy!





Wine needed after unpacking!


David's Lair

The living room is a little bare but we will add to it in time!