Friday, June 8, 2012

The end of insanity

Well I have really slacked in posting. I have much news to report. I don't really remember the last time I posted so here is a quick recap of how weight loss/new me is going.

I am still have a sensible breakfast. Usually, oatmeal. I have been eating Kashi cinnamon crunch lately. It is really good. I am thinking about making a new recipe with oatmeal, banana, peanut butter, and brown sugar.
Snack mid-morning has been fruit, or almond meal muffin (recent but so good).
Lunch mean green juice.
Mid-afternoon snack is carrots (2).
Dinner is a sensible portion of meat (sometimes), and veggies.
Dessert sometimes is frozen yogurt or banana cocoa ice cream (new fav.).

Well I started to do insanity at the beginning of May. I was completely committed to the process. David left in the middle of insanity and I was still committed to the process.  But then....dum dum dum....a new neighbor moved in downstairs. She started pounding on the ceiling. I moved to a different room. She still continued pounding on the ceiling. So I went to the office and decided to be proactive. I was told to cease and desist my exercising. I needed to be respectful of apartment living. I was so pissed off I decided to go look at different apartments. There are two town homes within good distance to us. There is also a rental we are going to check out tom. that may work out. It is relatively cheap, has good reviews, and good location. We are a little leery but we will see tom.

Insanity really kicked my butt. But it also kicked my butt. I lost inches for sure. I went from size 16 to a size 12! I am really excited about my progress.

Instead of working out in the evening. I am now getting up at 5:45 and working out in the morning before work.
I have done 3 out of 5 days this week. I skipped today but I think Friday's may be my skip day in the future.
I also have started running again. The insanity helped with this a lot. I ran yesterday at 5 mph for 3 straight minutes. This is an accomplishment for me. My BMI is down but not in the normal zone yet. I want to get done to the normal zone and then maintain so I know what I can eat and still be healthy. It is a lot less food than I think.
I hope I can run a 5k by the end of the summer.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Me Day 17 Old habits die hard

Today was a lunch and learn. And there was pizza. There was good pizza. Ugh.  I had a slice and a half of pizza with tomatoes and some herb. I also had salad with Italian dressing and an oatmeal cookie.  Afterwards I was still hungry or thought I was. I grabbed a slice of the garlic bread. I ate two bites and thought better of it......but later I grabbed a small piece of Hawaiian pizza. I had a GST drink for dinner.

So for today I am 158 calories over myfitnesspal goal. I am a little disappointed in myself but I know that I need to be able to have bad days. So today was a bad day. Tom. I will be back to my goal and eating my new food.

I was thinking about working out tonight but I did yesterday and I am exhausted. Maybe tom.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Me Day 14


Sat. morning worked out on the elliptical for 50 min. and did some weight. Had GST for breakfast with grapes. Lunch was mean green juice. For dinner we went out to Rajun Cajun and had crawfish. They were delicious. I also had a key lime bar and a Guiness beer for St. Patty's day.

Today I worked out on the bicycle. I did the sprint 8 at 10 resistance. It was not fun. I had my GST before I left. We went to get groceries before lunch. We had flax seed pancakes, bacon, and eggs. It was delicious. I also had a fiber one 90 cal brownie. It was delicious.

For dinner I plan on having my mean green again. For dessert I am going to 1/2 a key lime bar.

I only am 702 cal under my weekly goal (weekly goal is 8400 cal or 1200 cal/day). Last week I was 3362 cal under the 1200 cal/day goal.  This week I am going to try to be at least 2500 cal under my goal of 8400 cal.

I am using myfitnesspal to track everything I eat. I think it is a good way to be observant of what I am eating.

For my meals in the future I plan on the following diet.  Breakfast with consist of whole grain muffins, steel cut oats, quinoa, or juice. Lunch will always consist of mean green juice. Snacks will be vegetables namely, carrots, cucumbers, peppers with greek yougart mixed with my favorite dressing (Newman's own Creamy Caesar) or hummus.  Dinner will be as healthy as I can make it. Not sure if I will have too much meat anymore. I am doing fine without it. Such meals may be chicken tacos with black beans and rotel, with corn tortillas. Veggie stir fry (David can add chicken).  Spring rolls are delicious and now that we have our own herbs will be easy to make with salads as a side.  Quinoa with herbs and roasted peppers sounds delicious.

I can't wait till the garden starts to grow so we can have fresh vegetables as well. I will see how the weight lose goes with my new diet and keep you updated here!

Friday, March 16, 2012

New Me Day 12

Well I am down to 173. Oh yeah! I am so proud. The last few days I have splurged a little. I plan to splurge a little tom. as well so we can get crawfish for dinner.

I got up at 6 am Thurs. to work out. I think I may be able to continue this in the future. At least a few days a week. Tom. being Saturday I plan on working out for an hour. 45 min on the elliptical and 15 lifting. Juice for breakfast and lunch.

I made lentils this week. They are delicious! Also had baked cauliflower with cumin and chili powder. It was also good. I am a sucker for sweets. I need to not eat a candy bar at work so I don't crave sugar so much.

I plan to keep up my calorie counting. It really helps. I am down to a size 12 pant (it is a little tight). I can't wait to go shopping tom and get some more pants that fit or are a little tight so I keep working hard.

More later!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Juice fast 2-Day 7 fast ends, kind of

Well this time I made it 5 days on my juice fast, kind of. I did have the onion soup on day 5 so maybe it should be a 4.5 day juice fast.

Yesterday I had juice for breakfast while my DH ate awesome Panera the apartment community provided for us to eat. For lunch I had the rest of the chicken chili, lime broth with mushrooms.

My DH and I decided to try and go bowling. We got there and there was an hour wait. We decided to go get yogurt and smoothies. Well we didn't find the place we were looking for. Instead we found a new yogurt place claiming to be organic and sugar free.

I got a blueberry, raspberry smoothie with vanilla yogurt. DH got sugar free chocolate and a taste of cake batter. The cake batter flavor was too strong.

Dinner was my downfall. Or time off the diet if you will. I told my DH that he needed to go out to eat and I would get a salad or something. He suggested Vietnamese food. I got the Happy Buda rice noodle soup with tofu. It was delicious and I think I may have grossed out my husband by eating so much of it. It was delicious though and there were so many veggies!

Then because I had started the ball rolling, I asked to have half a brownie. :(
It was delicious. I considered yesterday my bad day.

Today was a bit better I suppose. I had formula 1 for breakfast because I was low on supplies.
Lunch was french onion soup with mozzarella. I think if I have it again I will cut out the mozzarella.
For a snack I had a carrot and grapes. Then I was still hungry so I had a smidge of PB.
I still wanted to eat something so I decided to drink my mean green juice.
Then because I was still craving something I ate a greek yogurt I hadn't finished before my fast began.
Then I made apples with oatmeal, cranberries, and walnuts. I could get used to eating that for dessert.

Not sure if I want to continue with the diet. I feel good and don't think I am doing anything unhealthy.
I just stepped on the scale. Big mistake after yesterday and with it being so late in the day. Not sure how I will proceed. I know I will continue to juice at least for lunch but I really do miss eating food.

I love food and love preparing it in new and different ways.

I still have the great shape today to finish. I really feel like Oatmeal in the morning though and will need to make my green juice for lunch tom. For dinner I am going to eat my GST and go to the rodeo. I don't think I will eat anything there as I had a sweet treat with my DH the last time I was there.

For dinner this week I want to go out and get crawfish with my DH.

The motivating factor behind the juice fast is to be healthier and lose weight. To this end I think juicing is helping but I think I may be able to eat and still lose weight. I just need to be more mindful of what I am putting in my mouth. I think I will work on this. I really want a piece of salmon with capers. That sounds so yummy.

I am going to work on using my fitness pal more so I can understand what I am eating and not overeat. I need to figure out how to make more dessert so to speak with fruit and other healthy food.
I really would like rosemary bread that my friend Jenna mentioned when I was talking to her tonight.

I will continue to update with my progress toward my ultimate goal of 150lbs.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Juice fast 2-Day 5 Onion delight

Today was a pretty good day. Breakfast was the formula 1 and almond milk yum!

Lunch was my mean green! I had a carrot for mid-morning snack. I had a Twix in the afternoon for the heck of it. I wasn't really craving it...but ate it anyway.

For dinner, I made homemade french onion soup! It was really good for us! It was low sodium beef broth, a bunch of different onions. I think I had two purple, sweet onion, and yellow onion in there. There was about 2 Tbsp of butter and that is it. In the crock pot for 6 hours on high, then husband added garlic when he got home and turned it back on high (I had forgotten garlic in the morning). We each had 1 slice of mozzarella cheese in about 2 cups soup. It was so good!

I plan on continuing my juice fast for a while. Not sure how long but probably for at least another week. Not sure I should call it a juice fast. Not sure what else to call it though.

Tom. I plan on going to the grocery before lunch to get more juicing supplies. I might try to go outside my comfort area and get some broccoli, bok choy, grape fruit, peppers and red cabbage as well as adding fresh herbs from our garden.

I plan on starting to exercise tom. I think I will run for 10-15 min. and then lift weights for 15 min. I will see how I feel and might ride the bike for a bit too. I am hoping working out will help keep my metabolism going so I keep dropping the pounds.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Juice fast 2-Day 4 Mushroom madness

Today was fantastic!

Breakfast was sweet potato pie on way to work! I stopped and got Starbucks today. I had a skinny dirty chai. It was delicious!

I had my carrot for mid-morning snack.

At lunch I ate my Mean Green Juice.

At 3pm I had another carrot and had a bite size Butterfinger.

For dinner I decided I wanted to go get chicken broth (low sodium). When I got to the grocery store I decided to get mushrooms and onions. The onions will be for french onion soup tomorrow.
I found lime and chili chicken broth. It wasn't low sodium but since I didn't have anything else today with sodium in it (except celery) I figured it would be fine. I had two servings of that with rosemary, cilantro, and a handful of mushrooms. After boiling for 10-15 min. it was delicious!

I prepared my Mean Green for lunch tom. and my wonderful husband juiced it for me. I really appreciated it and he seemed excited to do it.

I will most likely have my Formula 1 tom. morning for breakfast.

I have a challenge coming up. I will be going to the rodeo on Mon. and surrounded by delicious food. I did pretty well that last time we were there. But that is because I had David with me. This time I will be on my own. I have been dedicated thus far and I don't want to go backwards. I will have to figure out how to work around this.  Hope it works out.

I am enjoying shedding the pounds!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Juice Fast 2-Day 3 Bread

Well bad news to report. I didn't stick to the diet very well today. But I did very well considering.

I had formula 1 when I got to work. It was delicious.

I had carrot around 10am.

Then the torture began.

There were leftovers from lunch. I had 1/4 of a chicken salad sandwich without the bread. It was delicious.
I avoided the cookie (white chocolate chip macadamia nut) and had a bite size butterfinger.

I had about 1/2 cup of pasta salad with broccoli and 2 pickle spears.

At home I had my formula 1 and strawberries and grapes.

I ate a small homemade whole wheat roll as well and threw the rest out.

I am hoping to be better tom. :|


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Juice fast 2-Day 2 Veggie Egg drop soup

Today was another hungry day. I  had carrot, orange and apple and lemon juice for breakfast. It was delicious but gone too fast. 

My review was today at work so I got ready and drank my breakfast at the same time. 
I brought two carrots with me to work just in case I got hungry again. I am sure glad I did. I was starving around 9:30. Ate the carrot and quelled the hunger. 

Lunch was ok. Wish I would have put less lemon in but good. I only drank about 18oz. Around 3pm had another carrot. Also had 1 piece of chocolate and 2 jelly beans today.

When I got home I made my mean green juice. I am happy to report there is more juice for tomorrows lunch. I used the leftovers from the mean green plus some fresh cilantro, garlic, and parsley to boil up vegetable water. I boiled that mixture and then used that veggie juice plus soy, peanut, and slap your mama to make a nice broth. Then I drizzled in an egg to the broth. It was a little off putting with the parsley providing a strong flavor.  After I started eating though it was delicious. When I finished that I had the Formula 1 again with strawberries and grapes. It was delicious. 

Tom. morning I will have vanilla shake when I get to work. I am sleeping in a little late tom.
Hopefully I will be less hungry tom. 
I am trying to get to day 5 really hard. If I can make it there I think I can continue!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Juice fast 2-Day 1 Coconut water

Well day 1 went ok. I had apple pie juice this morning. It was good. Wish I wouldn't have put the lime rind in though. I always seem to forget.

I was hungry around 9:30 when I usually eat me mid-morning snack. I had some water to compensate.
At 11:30 I drank my mean green juice and cranked up the heater. I got really cold. I am glad I brought my jacket to work.

The afternoon was rough. I opted for a jelly bean around one. Then at around 3 I was getting stressed and had 1 piece of chocolate. I would normally have more so I am pretty proud of myself.

I was really, really hungry in the afternoon and couldn't wait to get home to make my dinner juice. I decided to eat some guacamole that was left over from my last dinner last night (sushi & Guac!). IT was delicious!!!
I also decided to make Formula 1 strawberry shake with strawberries and grapes. I mixed it with almond milk and ice. It was a very filling smoothie!

I had some coconut water I bought yesterday I decided to try. I am sad to report I didn't care for it much. Maybe if I was stranded on a dessert island with no other options I would drink it. But I will not be voluntarily buying anymore soon.

I am starting to get sleepy. More tom.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Juice Fast Second time around

Well it has been a while since I posted last. I am going to try again this week. I just like food so much. I don't have anything big coming up in the near future so I am hopefull I can keep with juicing. We might try going camping and in that case I will make juice and take it with us. Not sure how Hubs will feel about this but I will ask. I am going to try blander juices this time. No onions or beats.