Thursday, September 22, 2016

Run 20 injury, skip 21, 22, 23, & 24 of 48

On Friday I decided to do my tempo run as I was tired from my previous workouts earlier in the week. The weather was hot and humid and I wanted to be able to control my environment so I ran on the treadmill. I will henceforth refer to this as mistake number one. I chose my Hoka Clifton 1 shoes as I love the toe box and notice more blistering in Clifton 2 on treadmill. Mistake number 2 right there. 

My run started out well but I stopped at around 1.5 mph for some reason. Why? I can't really remember at this point in time. I am sure it was to grab water or use the bathroom or stretch. Here is what came next....

Well that's not very interesting you say....It seems like you just finished your run. Why yes, yes I did. But in the last 2 miles or so I felt a twinge in my right foot. A twinge you say? Well it wasn't that bad so I keep running. I finish and feel pretty good. As I step off of the treadmill to get a cloth to wipe down the equipment I had just sweated all over I was in some significant pain. My toes were not happy campers. 
Being Friday and knowing I have a long 17 miler coming up on Sunday I am concerned. Very concerned. I would like to say I got home and immediately iced my foot and put on RX cream. Nope I just chilled out and went about my weekend. Babying my foot as much as possible. I had things to do dang it. Which by the way we got our back garage door replaced!!! 
Saturday after dinner I decided it was time to soak my foot. 

Well Sunday morning I awoke to foot pain. I had a pretty good idea I wasn't going to be running my long run. I scheduled a doctors appointment on Monday just to be sure I didn't have a break.
So I have missed quit a few training runs. I didn't complete my interval or tempo run this week. I have instead switched it out with the bike. My foot is slowly coming around and the doctor today said I am most likely correct in having extensor tendonitis. I was told to get new shoes (no more being cheap). I can start with the elliptical as soon as I feel ready and if that doesn't cause more pain go back to running. Tomorrow is supposed to be a 10 mile tempo run and depending on how my foot feels I may try the elliptical. I first plan on going to the running store and trying on the Hoka Clifton 3 shoes.
I guess let this be a lesson, while you may love your old shoes, get new shoes when your mileage gets around 400-500.
The new plan is to heal, because I appreciate being able to walk. I will train as I can for as far as I can and will run on race day come what may!
Walk or run I will finish the race!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Run 18 and 19 of 48 goals reassessment

Long slow run (LSR) recap: Well me long slow run was long and slow but not quite long enough. I only completed 8.4 miles or one loop around the lake. I set out for my run around 4ish after picking up the dog. The sun was brutal. The day was milder than the Florida heat but I didn't prepare for the sun. Sunscreen is still the name of the game and I didn't use any. Bad Elizabeth.

I did think to bring water with me and enough Gu's to run two loops. My water was getting low so I decided to stop at a park and get some water. Well there was no water available. I was hot and tired but kept going. I made it to around 7 miles and my foot started to ache. I am attributing this to running two days in a row. Running back to back runs is not my favorite thing to do. I actually plan on not running back to back usually. Well not this week.

The interval training was completed on Monday evening. I ran 7 intervals of 0.5 miles at 6.2 mph. Rough, really rough is how I would describe the intervals. I stopped after 3 intervals for a potty break and got back to it. The rest of the intervals were long sloughs and it was hard to focus on the show and not on the slow ticking of the mileage. The mileage finally ticked by and I was able to finish up the run successfully.

I am not sure how running will go in the future. I have some personal things going on in my life that may interfere with my running. While running has become a good form of exercise I might be switching to something more low impact. As of now though I still planning on running and/or walking the Route 66 marathon.
See you out there for a run.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Run 16 & 17 of 48

Run 16 was an interval run. I got up around 7 or 8 am in Florida to go wrong. First mistake right there. I decided to walk to the fitness center and check out the treadmill. Second mistake. Third, I decided to try and finish intervals anyways. I made it to the third interval of 5 and called it quits about 1/2 way through. The sun was beating down and the treadmills were too old. They were also all being used when I went in the fitness room. I considered getting a pass to an outside gym but decided against it. I at least ran some.

Run 17 was Friday and I missed that due to another obligation. I got up around 5 am this morning to run before the sun and everyone else was up. I got 5 miles in at 11:10. The pace was a bit slower than a normal tempo run should be but I am cutting myself some slack. The Florida humidity is brutal. I am glad I am not running a race here as I think I would need some time to adjust. Especially if I had to run when the sun was out.

I hope to run tom. and have two loops around Lake Overholser to complete. Happy Running.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Runs 13, 14, 15 of 48

Run 13 Recap: Run 10 X 0.25 mile intervals at 6.3 mph or 9.5 mph
The intervals were done on the treadmill. The treadmill is my go to for interval training as it makes keeping a consistent pace easier. The run went fairly well. I am starting to forget my runs so I need to update more. Maybe this a good thing as it will make training easier.

Run 14 recap: 5 mile run at 5.7 mph or 10.5 mph
My tempo run!! I was not as excited as the exclamation marks make it sound. I was dreading this run. I was having a hard week and was not at all rested for this run. I would have run outside but the weather wasn't the best. Luckily the run went fairly well. I was able to finish without much trouble. I was tired and sore but done.

Run 15 LSR recap: 14 mile run
My long slow run for the week was not so long. I ended up only completing 7 miles. I was running after work as I am on vacation for a week. The run was completed on a part of the memorial marathon course which was uphill the entire way. The sun was covered for the first part of the run making it cooler. The second part of the run was hard as the sun was out and the humidity was making me sweat worse than usual. Added to that was the makeup dripping off my face into my eyes temporarily blinding me. I was not having a good run. Once I reached the quarter way point I decided to make it half. I turned around and headed back to my car. Gosh was I happy when I got there. I was slightly disappointed I didn't make it 14 but felt good that I had at least attempted.  I am loving my vacation as my family and I are at Universal Studios in Orlando and having a blast.

I hope to get my runs in on Wednesday and Friday this week as I don't plan on going to the parks these days.

Long run 12/48 hills, hills and more hills

On Sept. 27th I decided to run with the local running group. They were planning on running hills and I needed to get some into my running regime for the marathon in the fall. I got my butt up and out the door in plenty of time.What a difference a week makes. My run this time was done with a purpose. I was fighting against a ticking time bomb as Aunt flo had started her visit. I got myself up and out to do run as I knew the sooner I went the better.  

Down and back up
The course was pretty hilly. It seemed as I was going up and down the entire run. I did get a great workout. I feel much better about completing either the full or the half in the fall.

All done!!
Happy running!