Saturday, September 2, 2017

Review of "A Promise to Believe In (The Brides of Gallatin County Book #1) " by Tracie Peterson

Brief Summary: Gwen Gallatin and her sisters have to figure out how to survive after the death of their father in rural Montana. 

Long Review: Gwen, Lacy, and Beth Gallatin have not had easy lives. Their mother died giving birth to a baby brother who also did not survive. The family moved around a lot and finally settled for a spell in rural Montana. The family runs a roadhouse serving the men who come through on the stage lines.

In "A Promise to Believe In" we mainly follow Gwen and her belief that she is cursed. She believes death will follow her as a fortune teller told her when she snuck to she her when she was a child. Death has seemed to follow her wherever her family has gone. The latest death of her husband and father has only further convinced her. Her husband's brother comes looking for items he took when he left the family. Gwen becomes inconsolable due to the lies of her husband. The book follows the search for the missing items and the growing relationship between Gwen and her husband's brother.  Eventually the items are found and the romance between the two end in marriage.

The book was good. I did enjoy it but there was no rush to read. The point of view changed from character to character in the book. The change was sometimes abrupt and I found it difficult to get back into the scene when this happened. The end of the book felt slightly rushed as the villain introduced a source of conflict and then the book wrapped up with a wedding. The end felt as if there was a conclusion to the romance but no conclusion to the conflict. The conflict was not interesting to want me to continue to read the series. 

If you are looking for a quick read about wilds of Montana and do not mind changing point of view this series may be a good read.

Rating: 3/5

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