Thursday, May 27, 2010


Well, let's just say work is not going so well right now. The well feels like it is taking forever. This is probably because I arrived a week early with not much to do. I have been working for about two weeks now and hopefully will be done sometime next week. I am hoping to be home for a wedding but we will see.  I am really frustrated with my job. My partner in crime lol is leaving for a family event in Tx, a reunion and graduation parties. While I am happy that she gets the time off it is really crappy timing. I am on my first well by myself and now I am going to be in charge. I have confidence in my abilities to do my job. I do not however, have confidence in the other loggers abilities they sent me. I am worried that things will get fucked up and I will be responsible for his mistakes because I am in charge. I really do not want to lose this client. I like them very much and would like to continue working for them. I personally think I could probably have my own company with the information I have learned so far. I could be an independent contractor and work out of my own trailer with equipment etc. I think the situation at work may have been fixed after my co-worker experienced the incompetence of  the replacement and complained to enough people. We have issues on this well to deal with and it is unfortunately nowhere near completion. (Huge shock right?) I only have about 3K left so I am hoping and praying for next week but who knows. Susan may be back before well is done.
I am looking forward to the time off to spend with David and family. I miss them all very much and look forward to seeing them all soon. I am going to go eat now. the tater tots are calling. I will let you know more  later about the work situation.

Monday, May 10, 2010


I have a problem. I like watching shows about hoarding. I find it very interesting in learning about the psychology of what is going on in a persons head. I see these tendencies in people I know.  I also worry because I have tubs of stuff in my parents basement I need to go through and clean out. It now really bothers me I have this stuff there when I feel my parents house is already too cluttered. I can't move it out right now though because it doesn't make sense since I will be getting married in a little less than a year. I am hoping David finds out if he will have a job after he graduates near the end of the summer so I can find an apartment for us to live in. I can then start to move ALL of my stuff out of my parents house and get rid of all the stuff I don't need or use. I think this will be a lot of things since I will have lived without a lot of stuff for the better part of a year and it will make it more clear what I want to keep and what needs to go.
One thing I am looking forward to doing is finishing my scrap book from college so I have that to keep and get rid of other things I no longer need. It should be an interesting process. I have statues and things I am not sure if I want to keep from childhood. I can not wait to clear these things out of my life ASAP

Waiting Again

I am back to work again. I was off two Sat. ago but still had to go to training in Latrobe, PA. I went to three days of training and headed back to Akron. I stayed there on Thurs. night and Sara came to visit. Friday we went shopping and then loaded up the truck to head back home. I am moving things out of my apartment since I do not know how many times I will be back there before the lease is up at the end of Sept. On Sat. was the Cinco de Mayo party which was awesome! I ended up having too much fun and being worn out from work turned in early (11pm) and party ended at midnight. I spent Sun, and Mon with the family and then got the call to go back to work. 

I headed to Toledo on Tues. morning to have lunch with David. I saw an accident on the way and a truck that couldn't avoid the accident and needed to drive into the other lane. It was a crazy afternoon. I finally got to David's and we went to eat at Mongolian BBQ. It was delicious! I was planning on only staying for a few hours when I got a message that we wouldn't be needed until Thurs. I decided to stay with David that evening. I then left the next day and had lunch with Jen at Parassons after picking up what I needed for work from my apartment. I then learned I might not be needed at work until the weekend. Having almost nothing in my apartment and no other pressing plans I decided to go to the apartment in Muncy. I arrived on Wed evening. I went to dinner at Orllie's with Susan. It was very good. Then we went to Hull's landing to hear the Pop tarts play. I sat down at a table with 3 casing guys, Susan knew. The conversation immediately turned to an uncomfortable topic as they are men and were already drunk and gleaned the information that I was getting married. I was uncomfortable and Susan recognized that and asked if I wanted to leave. I said yes and we left. Susan stayed out partying the night away. The next day I got up and ran some errands and went out to the rig. Susan stayed in bed all day due to her hangover. Friday was fun as we had dinner with Ken and Tony at Highland Lake Gun Club. My food was ok but apparently the others was not. Susan and I headed to Dogz to have a few drinks. I had a a few beers and then a a couple of cherry bombs. I then drank a lot of water. On Sat. I didn't get up too early but early enough. I headed in to work for a bit and Susan stayed in bed. Sat. night was not too interesting as we stayed in ( I think). On Sun. we headed out to meet someone about some equipment Susan was looking at getting. We had Coffee at a little shop in Lewisburg and toured Bucknell University. We stopped by to see a local bar owner, Lorene at New Mountain Tavern and had a nice chat with her. Then we went back to the apartment for a bit and then headed to Dogz for wings and to visit Mel.  Today I headed to work for a bit. Susan showed up and we went to the mall. I got some chocolate and chocolate, caramel covered apples. Not good for someone supposedly on a diet.
I am very sick of not working. There are things that I could be doing at home. Such as preparing for the wedding. 
I have been figuring out what I owe in total on loans etc and need to come up with a better budget. Luckily I am getting paid stand-by and possibly some full time since I was called out early. I think I may be working by Wed. night or Thurs. 
I just finished a book called the clouds roll away by Sibella Giorello about Forensic Geology. I wasn't even aware Forensic Geology is a field of geology. I am now very interested in reading books about forensic geology. I just bought some by Sarah Andrews off Amazon. I have taken my books off of vacation and hope to make some money to help pay off loans. I am all about paying off loans these days.