Monday, March 22, 2010

Movie Review of Twilight New Moon, Twilight in Forks, & REMEMBER ME

I watched New Moon this weekend after it was released. I still like the movie a lot. The makeup could have been a bit better in this movie. Some of the lead actors performances were still a little shaky. I believe Taylor Lautner is the best actor of the love triangle. The preview of Eclipse was very cool. I am excited because there will be more action in the next movie and David Slade will bring a darker edge to the movie.
Twilight in Forks came with the combo pack I purchased. I did not think very highly of the documentary. There was a biblical scholar or scientist or priest trying to talk about all the different meanings in Twilight. I agreed with a few of his points but not all of them. Some of the opinions of the townspeople are a little much though. I would have liked to see more of the ton and less of people talking. I might watch the end some day but not right now.

WARNING: I plan on giving away a lot of details in this review. Please do not read if you do not want me to spoil it for you! Well I have not cried like that in a long time. Where to start. Well the movie begins with Rob or Tyler getting arrested for mouthing off to a cop. One of the lawyers from his dad's firm comes to bail him out of jail. The cop that arrested him has a daughter and Rob's roommate sees her at school. Ally (the girl) turns out being in Rob's class and they hit it off. They end up hooking up. The story continues and we find out more about Rob how his brother Michael committed suicide when he was 22. The family is split up. Rob has a little sister who is gifted at painting. It ends up the sister gets made fun of at school and other girls cut her hair. The love story between Ally and Rob continues and they go through trials and tribulations of normal relationship. They broke up for a bit but get back together when the whole hair cutting incident occurs. The workaholic father steps up again when Rob/Tyler throws a fire extinguisher through the window at his sisters school. His father bails him out of jail and asks him to show up the next day at his office to talk to the lawyers. This feels like a turning point in the relationship when father and son start to reconnect. The next day the father (lawyer) goes to pick up the daughter and bring her to school. The father calls Rob to tell him, that he would be late to school. Rob says this will be fine and sits at the desk and looks at family pictures. The secretary asks how long ago Michael killed himself and Rob says it was 6 years ago on May 1995. The picture pans out to Rob standing in the window, he is up really high in a building. The picture goes to the sister in school and the teacher writes 9/11/2001 on the board. The picture goes to Rob in the building and pans out to see both the twin towers. The sounds is of the voices of the workers in the twin towers and then the screen goes black.  I had lost it by this point. I was crying hysterically. I can not handle anything relating to Sept. 11. The last thing I saw was people in NY leaving their offices and schools and houses. The last thing Sara saw was a notebook Rob wrote letters to his brother Michael to in on the ground in the rubble next to a ladies shoe. I had leave the theater I was so upset.  I wish I would have known what was going to happen at the end bcause then I would not have gone to see the movie.
key Point I missed because I was so entranced in the love story:
Beginning you see NY with twin towers
American Pie was playing in movie theater when Rob saw movie
When Rob went up to the Father's office on 90 floor or something.
I wish I would have known. The love story was going along really well and bam it ended awfully. Next time I will read the reviews before I go see a movie.

Family News/ Funny

Ok for the interesting news I have been with holding. I am not sure if the word is out yet for sure so please keep on down low. My male cousin on my dad's side, closest in age to me, has decided to join the Navy and will be going to Newport, RI to train soon! I am really excited for him. I think he is making a good decision and he wants to make a career in the Navy. I believe he is going to join for the right reasons so I am behind him 100%. I love him tons and can't wait to go visit when he gets time off.  We were really close growing up since my Aunt watched my sister and I a lot. We got along pretty well because we were both geeks. We grew apart once we started I would say middle school but I still feel closest to him. I know how hard he has worked since he graduated looking for a job. I am glad he found something he knows he wants to pursue. I think he will do very well in the Navy. I am worried about his safety but I know he can take care of himself. Plus I will make sure I keep in touch more now (should have before too) with letters.
In other news my sister is funny lol. Here are just a few things she said when we were discussing things in the family room:

Montgomery buscott (boycott)
you were a baby boomed (IN response to Mom being born in 1949)
Was that after WWII when everyone did it? (referring to baby boomers).
Dad you were a late boomer...(Born in 1952)
She should be a comedian!
Next funny thing. I have been playing with the dogs since I have been home since I like to do it and end up being the only one who does it. I have to lock Jackson (Sara and Josh dog) in bedroom when I play with Angel so he doesn't tear her to pieces. They don't play well together. Angel likes to be chased around the hallway and it is oval shaped so it is a good sized running track for a dog. Makes an interesting running tracck for the human doing the chasing too. I was playing with her using a stuffed Cat slipper she loves. Well she decides she needs to be chased with the stuffed cat slipper in her mouth that is about the same size she is. So I chase her around the hall while she is carrying this stuffed cat in her mouth. We do this about 4 times and I have to stop because I am dying of laughter. It was just so funny to see this little white fur ball carrying around a white slipper about her size with me chasing her. I wish the video camera would have worked! Oh well.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Time off

As of Wed. night I was officially off work! I got to hang out with my BFF Jen and watch American Idol. I did all the laundry and chilled out. I got to sleep for 12 hours which was a nice change. I finished my tasks and was sucked into CSI. Sara needed my help with directions so it was fortuitous I was near a computer. I helped her out and then decided to leave for home before I got too tired. The drive home was nice but I think a couple of people thought I was crazy. I was singing in the car, messing with GPS, and calling people. It was an interesting drive lol. I washed my car when I got home and it still isn't completely clean. I will be home for a few days visiting family since I am not sure when I will be home next. I am hoping to make it home for a cousins wedding in April but since my work schedule is variable I am not really sure what will happen. If I get off before the wedding or after I am hoping to go stay with my Aunt and Uncle in Maryland (which will be 2 hours away) instead of driving 8 hours home. It is nice to know I am near some kind of family no matter where I go (at least on East coast anyway). I really hope I can be home for the wedding though.
I have no big plans for my time off. I am looking forward to dinner with in-laws family, buying New Moon & maybe Twilight in Forks, possibly seeing Remember me or The Runaways, and hanging out with Sara. I may go see David before going back to work but I am not sure when that will occur. well time to relax. Interesting news is coming tom night (at least for Mack's)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Two weeks

The last two weeks you may have felt like I dropped off the face of the Earth. Well I did! I am in the middle of no where PA (don't tell the locals I said that). The claim to fame right now is (or was) the American Idol Aaron Kelly. Anyway, I am out here near Williamsport, PA for work. I will elaborate on work a little more since I didn't know too much before.

Work is going well. I understand my job, I can trouble shoot, and know what to do if there are problems, of which there are many! I understand what everyones role is on the rig and how I fit in. In my position I am the low rung on the totem pole. Basically, I tell them what they are drilling through and that gives the Geologist a better idea of where we should be going. The geologist relays this information to the driller, directional drillers and company man. I hope once I gain more experience I will be more useful.
My first week here didn't go so well. I was a sample catcher and learning the ropes. My trainer had to leave for a funeral so I trained under someone relatively new. I looked forward to the day when my trainer (Q, as I will call her returned). Q finally returned and life has been great since. I have confidence in my abilities to do my job and have been given the opportunity to do the work required on my own. I am responsible for operations during my shift. I am settling into a routine and look forward to the next well I am on. I understand the rig crews and company men I work for might not be as nice as the ones I have had here but I am up for the challenge. I plan on moving up and advancing myself while I am here. Doing the best job I can is not only good for me, but my company, and our clients!
David came to visit me this week while I was training! He is on spring break so he was not busy with too much else. I was glad he decided to come. He was able to come out to the rig and see what I will be doing everyday. I look foward to seeing what he tells his parents when he gets home. Q said he should come because he was off and it would be good for us to be together since we didn't know when the next time I would be off. I may have to go directly to another job from here. Everything is uncertain.
I am enjoying my new job and look forward to the challenges I will be presented with when I start working on my own.