Monday, March 22, 2010

Family News/ Funny

Ok for the interesting news I have been with holding. I am not sure if the word is out yet for sure so please keep on down low. My male cousin on my dad's side, closest in age to me, has decided to join the Navy and will be going to Newport, RI to train soon! I am really excited for him. I think he is making a good decision and he wants to make a career in the Navy. I believe he is going to join for the right reasons so I am behind him 100%. I love him tons and can't wait to go visit when he gets time off.  We were really close growing up since my Aunt watched my sister and I a lot. We got along pretty well because we were both geeks. We grew apart once we started I would say middle school but I still feel closest to him. I know how hard he has worked since he graduated looking for a job. I am glad he found something he knows he wants to pursue. I think he will do very well in the Navy. I am worried about his safety but I know he can take care of himself. Plus I will make sure I keep in touch more now (should have before too) with letters.
In other news my sister is funny lol. Here are just a few things she said when we were discussing things in the family room:

Montgomery buscott (boycott)
you were a baby boomed (IN response to Mom being born in 1949)
Was that after WWII when everyone did it? (referring to baby boomers).
Dad you were a late boomer...(Born in 1952)
She should be a comedian!
Next funny thing. I have been playing with the dogs since I have been home since I like to do it and end up being the only one who does it. I have to lock Jackson (Sara and Josh dog) in bedroom when I play with Angel so he doesn't tear her to pieces. They don't play well together. Angel likes to be chased around the hallway and it is oval shaped so it is a good sized running track for a dog. Makes an interesting running tracck for the human doing the chasing too. I was playing with her using a stuffed Cat slipper she loves. Well she decides she needs to be chased with the stuffed cat slipper in her mouth that is about the same size she is. So I chase her around the hall while she is carrying this stuffed cat in her mouth. We do this about 4 times and I have to stop because I am dying of laughter. It was just so funny to see this little white fur ball carrying around a white slipper about her size with me chasing her. I wish the video camera would have worked! Oh well.

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