Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Review of Extracted by RR Haywood

Brief Summary: Extracted is the first in a trilogy about the discovery of time travel and an effort to save a future devastated by changes cause to the timeline. 

Long Review: Consumerism is driving advances in technology as companies look for faster ways to get their products to consumers. Whispers are heard about time travel and the hunt is on to find the device and/or creator. Two devices are made and a change to the timeline causes the end of humanity. In an effort to restore the timeline a computer program is used to find soldiers to enlist to help restore the timeline. Extracted details the extraction of these people from their timelines and the training and development of the team to save humanities future. 

I found this book very entertaining. I am even considering purchasing the other two books. This book ends in a good spot so the reader could be satisfied but still leaves the problem of saving the future as unknown. The middle is a little slow as there is a lot of focus on one character. This book would be good for those looking for a time travel fantasy to become engrossed in. 


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