Saturday, August 7, 2010

Coda Travels

Well I am back to work again. I decided to bring the dog with me this time. At first this seemed brilliant! I would get Coda (the dog) out of the house so my mom wouldn't kill him and I would be able to take over his training. There has been a few surprises. First, the car ride. On the way from home to Akron Coda passed out on my lap, life was good! Yay! When I got to Kent to have lunch with Jen (which went well btw) Coda got stung by a wasp. Then I had to stop and get him Benedryl and a syringe with which to give him the medicine. Now finding the benedryl....brain dead. Finding the syringe....not so easy. I ask the pharmacist after spending 5 min. looking myself and they don't give them out without a prescription. I look  around some more and find a baby syringe on an endcap but not in with the baby stuff!!! I hate it when stores do this! I proceeded to give him the medicine and all was good. Driving from Kent to PA. Coda decided to sleep in the back seat on top of all of my stuff. This was fine with me as he was out of the way and up high so he could see and not throw up. He was restless though. Once in PA we hit the sack.
Driving to work has been another matter entirely. I think the drive to PA may have scared him. On the way to work he wanted to crawl onto my shoulder to see out the window. Not good for me or Coda. I caved in and bought a seat booster thing to get him higher so he will be happier. I have read I might have to get a pillow to go in to raise him a bit but not too hard to make myself.
At work Coda has been just ok. The first day he barked up a storm! He finally decided I would come back and calmed down. He now chills out on the couch, plays, and sleeps a lot. I am still working on getting him to go to expel his waste on the pee pad. Other than that things are going well with Coda.
I on the other hand am not excited about being back to work. It is not so much I mind having Coda here but the issues that come with him are kind of stressing me out. I am also a little stressed about my budget. Things are going ok but I would love to be making more. Being off for two weeks is getting old fast. I do not think I will be going home after this well but I will see. On another note. I did not end up going to the interview with the other company. Firstly, I was still at work. Secondly, David and I are not sure what is happening if anything with his potential employment at Marathon. Because of this it does not make sense for me to change my career right now when I may have to quit in a few months anyway. Better to stay with one company as long as possible and get as much experience as I can at one company. It looks better on a resume right? So I am staying put and hoping for a raise soon. I have health insurance now with my company too. I don't want to lose it by changing companies. So I am staying where I am for now till I see what happens.
PS David and I are going on an Alaskan cruise for our Honeymoon I am so excited.