Thursday, May 27, 2010


Well, let's just say work is not going so well right now. The well feels like it is taking forever. This is probably because I arrived a week early with not much to do. I have been working for about two weeks now and hopefully will be done sometime next week. I am hoping to be home for a wedding but we will see.  I am really frustrated with my job. My partner in crime lol is leaving for a family event in Tx, a reunion and graduation parties. While I am happy that she gets the time off it is really crappy timing. I am on my first well by myself and now I am going to be in charge. I have confidence in my abilities to do my job. I do not however, have confidence in the other loggers abilities they sent me. I am worried that things will get fucked up and I will be responsible for his mistakes because I am in charge. I really do not want to lose this client. I like them very much and would like to continue working for them. I personally think I could probably have my own company with the information I have learned so far. I could be an independent contractor and work out of my own trailer with equipment etc. I think the situation at work may have been fixed after my co-worker experienced the incompetence of  the replacement and complained to enough people. We have issues on this well to deal with and it is unfortunately nowhere near completion. (Huge shock right?) I only have about 3K left so I am hoping and praying for next week but who knows. Susan may be back before well is done.
I am looking forward to the time off to spend with David and family. I miss them all very much and look forward to seeing them all soon. I am going to go eat now. the tater tots are calling. I will let you know more  later about the work situation.

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