Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Review of "Quit your job in 6 months" by Buck Floggin

Brief Summary:  Quit your job in 6 months by Buck Flogging is an informational e-book about how to become an expert in a  subject and use the internet to run a business around this subject.

Long Review:  The e-book is very short but packed full of information. The major failing of the book is it doesn't go into much detail. This is left for the accompanying material which is part of what you learn to do in this book. The author is trying to sell you a product which you are trying to learn how to sell yourself. If you realize this while reading the process is beneficial.
I read this while at work over lunch because the book is so short. The book is laid out in the following order. First take an interest and study it aggressively. Second start a blog with ads and affiliates related to that interest. Three as an expert in this area create materials for those interested in learning more and sell these as supplementary materials. The premise seems simple but the process is not as simple. The supplementary material is for learning in more detail (for a price) how to generate income step by step. I for one am not interested in learning how he completed this process and supporting him. I do appreciate his business sense in trying to generate income by selling his know how to others interested in working from home and/or on their own terms. 
I would not recommend this book to others unless you are interested in starting your own at home business and becoming an expert in a subject.
Rating: 2.5/5

Other works by author: None at this time but upcoming works are eluded to in the text.

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