Friday, June 23, 2017

Review of Sweet Masterpiece by Connie Shelton

Brief Summary: "Sweet Masterpiece" by Connie Shelton drops the reader into the life of an aspiring professional baker Sam for whom life becomes strange after receiving a wooden box from a client.  

Long Review: Sam is a middle aged aspiring professional baker who hopes to someday open her own shop. Her day job as is to clean properties around the Taos, NM area for the government. At one of her properties she is given a wooden box from a suspected witch who promptly dies. The box seems to give her energy and the ability to see things others can not. The book continues with the discovery of a grave at another property Sam is working on and her second run in with Beau the sheriff. A relationship then develops between Beau and Sam. Sam's grown daughter is thrown back into the mix as well. 

Overall the story seems to be a bit lacking in several areas. As the first book in the series I expected more of Sam's backstory to be setup. The writer did go into some of the details of Sam's life such as age, marital status, and job. It was a surprise when a daughter who had previously lived in California was brought into the storyline. The daughter seems to be a burden on her mother's life and drains her emotionally and financially. There are several times in the book when a scene dramatically shifts and I was taken aback. The author sometimes goes from day to night without a smooth transition or chapter break. 

The book was a good attempt by the author at a book. It was be interesting to see if in the next book and the rest of the series the writing develops by the author. I do not think I will be purchasing an books to continue the series as it did not capture my attention very well.  

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