Monday, February 14, 2011

Career Woes

With a new week starts new opportunities. 

Last week I had my tour. It went well but it was only a tour. No job offer there unfortunately. 

The CPR and first aid class was ok. It was just another CPR/First Aid class and is something I can put on my resume. 

I had a nanny interview on Sat. at the clients house. The interview went ok.  I am not sure if I will get chosen for the job.

I also had a phone interview for a customer service job. I really wanted the job. The screener said he would get back to me in the next few days if I was chosen for an in house interview. I haven't heard anything and it has been two working days (three if you include Saturday which they are open). 
I have an interview tom. for another nanny position. I also have an interview for a sales job. I am not excited about the sales interview and might cancel it. The nanny job is with a little girl that I am actually excited about. The pay isn't great but I think it will be good to work with a little girl. It will also give me flexibility in my schedule to do things around the house. I could potentially get another part-time job. 

I am looking for customer service positions. I think that is a better fit. I also still want to pursue the teaching opportunity. If I take the nanny job I will be able to pursue teaching  too.

Today's chocolate- Chocolate covered cherries because we are having cherry pies tonight.

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  1. Don't stress. Enjoy this time off...cherish it! Good luck!