Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Unemployed Bliss

Well, I am back home again!
It was a short trip.
I got a call to go to work about one week ago. I left on Mon. because my boss said I needed to be to work the next night I had to travel 10 hours to the Pan-handle. I got there to find I did not have to work. I was pretty upset as I didn't get to say goodbye to David. I then worked on Wednesday night. The working conditions were not good. The equipment to be used was awful. I was using a computer with Windows 2000 and computers mounted to a wall. There were problems with equipment that lasted four days. Then the managers were a pain about us telling the client things were not working. I believe in honesty. If you sell a client on a certain product and then give them old crap, which doesn't work, I think the client should know why.
Well after all the drama I then had to work on a rig when it was -7 wind chill. It was awful. I was dressed as warmly as possible. I weather proofed the trailer and then went about my job. I was catching samples less often then required. I did not feel I was doing a good job. I can't stand not doing a job when I know I can do better. I decided to 'twist off' as was said to me by an old co-worker. I left with about 19 hours notice. I had already given my two weeks notice but I didn't feel I could continue in the conditions present.

I then had to drive home through the STORM. The worst of my travel was around the Fort Worth Area. Luckily I went around on a back highway, it took a little longer but I got around. I did get flipped off by a Texas because I was following too closely. Apparently people in Texas are scared of snow and ice and don't know how to drive on it. So I was an anomaly driving relatively fast on the ice and snow.

I finally got home and am really happy to be back. I am still pursuing job opportunities. Hopefully, one of those will come through soon. I need to go get my CPR class done to be ready for the nanny job.
I will start working out more and doing ChaCha while I am in my down time. I have bought some more wedding stuff and need to pay for them, or help pay for them.
I am still thinking about what I want to do in the future. I still like the idea of being a teacher.
I may do the interactive part of What color is your umbrella? to see what I come up with.
Coda on the arm of the chair.

Today's chocolate-homemade chocolate covered fried ice cream Yumo!

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