Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Houston Bound

I spent some time in Houston recently with my favorite people.

The first part of my trip was a wedding errand for my friend KO.

Bride to be!

She has her second wedding dress fitting so I took the day off and headed down to Houston.
I listened to a great book which I will be reviewing soon. The drive was uneventful except for the road narrowing where they were still working on the washout from the Spring rains.

When I arrived we had some time to kill so we got a glass of wine to split. Her MIL to be was along and it was nice to finally meet her. Then I got to see my gorgeous friend in a gorgeous dress! I cannot wait until I get to post pictures about her special day.

After talking all night my friend let me sleep in and I got up and got breakfast before starting the second part of my journey.
Strawberry explosion
After stuffing my face I headed to World Market to pick up a few things on the way to another friends house. I then got to spend the weekend catching up with her, her family and this little girl.

Eating eggs

I left a little earlier then I expected to since my DH was traveling to Houston on Sunday and I wanted to see him for a bit. I stopped on the way back at IKEA for my sister.
candlestick holders

 IKEA on a Saturday night is a bad idea.
can we say long line?
The drive back was uneventful and filled with me being engrossed in the audiobook. I got home very late on Saturday night but safely.

I look forward to my next trip to Houston to visit.

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