Friday, August 21, 2015

Review of Tig Notaro documentary

The self titled documentary about Tig Notaro entitled "Tig" was released on Netflix recently. I took a few hours to watch the interesting story about a time of great upheaval but also success in Tig's life.

Brief overview: Interesting documentary into the life of another human struggle with all life can through her way with humor and making it big in the process.

In depth review:  I will never forget the run where I listened to her announce onstage to the world, "I have cancer". Listening was very inspirational and gave me the strange to keep running. The rest of the story that followed was funny in that it is so human.

Tig's story is a perfect example of Murphy's law. It seemed as if everything that could  go wrong did but Tig was able to carry on. She leaned on her craft and colleagues to get her through all of the upheaval.

The documentary also conveys her desire to be a mother and a love story which is surprising. The love story made me think about how I define love in my life. 

In conclusion I really enjoyed this documentary and look forward to more from Tig.

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