Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Color Street Review!

First I am sure you are asking yourself, "what is Color Street?". Color Street is 100% nail polish strips. They are a base, color, and top coat all in one and can be applied with no tools. The strips are very easy to apply and even a child can apply them! 

I was introduced to them by someone I used to work with at Devon. Now I haven't been one in the past to do my nails. I mostly haven't done them because applying nail polish and waiting for it to dry takes so much time. I am very bad at applying polish to my non-dominate hand as well. Color Street solves these problems and they have very cute designs! 

I decided to start selling them because of a few reasons. First, the nail polish is so easy to apply. Second, it will be nice to have a little extra income. Third, I think it is good to have something else to work on to continue learning and developing myself as a person. Color Street helps me feel like I am contributing financially to the family! Fourth, the buy in cost is low and we are encouraged to keep our inventory low and have our clients order directly from our website.

Here is a short video of me applying my nails:

If you are interested in trying a sample please fill out the request form here.

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