Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Review of The Light Keepers

Brief Summary: In "The Light Keepers"  by Mande Matthews the reader is introduced to Astrid and her strange powers and story.

Long Review: Astrid's whole life has been spent running. Her mother and her mother's protector have been trying to keep her safe. Her mother has been trying to teach her to speak. While her mother's protector has been teaching her to fight. The book introduces the character and illuminates the reader to the struggles Astrid will come to face in following books. 

The book is written as a prequel. I found the story bland and strange. There is not much detail as to why she is so special and this makes the book hard to keep coming back to the book. The antagonist in the story is semi-interesting as she encounters him  not in the world she is in. The story just wasn't strong enough to pull me in and this will not be a series I will continue to read.

Rating: 2.5/5

Other works by the author: Bonded

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