Friday, January 22, 2010

New Car

I finally got a new car. Well actually it is an SUV! I purchased a 2006 Ford Escape XLT 4X4 SUV. It is black. I love driving my new car. I am going to try to keep it really clean. The back 2 seats fold down to give more room in the back which is awesome since I will be living out of my car for a while. I am going to try and find a way to organize my stuff in my car. Let the lists begin lol. I would like to purchase floor mats to keep the ones in the car clean.
 I am still waiting on a call from my Orientation trainer. I hope to receive a call by Monday. I still need to purchase my boots. I was told by someone working there I need steel toe, water proof, and insulated boots. These have proven hard to find for women.  I also need to get first aid kit, fire blanket, MRE's etc to keep me warm in case I get stuck somewhere. I hope this doesn't happen but who knows. I will also be ready for the apocalypse just in case (you never know). I am going to go try and find the boots I want in the area tom. Hope I can find what i am looking for. Here is to a Friday night at home.

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  1. what are these amazon things?? Items you are interested in...or purchasing??