Friday, January 21, 2011


The next logical step in the job search process is getting called for the interview. 

 I am happy to report I got called for a few of these. I have already turned down an insurance agent position. I am not a sales person. I do not want to become one. I like to work with people but I do not want to try and sell people a product. A life of sales does not have any appeal to me. 

I also got interviewed for a few nanny positions. I am still waiting to hear back about those and I am trying to be patient. I did get my certification for CPR and first aid. I am hoping this will help me in my future nanny applications. 

I also went to an informational meeting for an admissions position at a small college. It relates to sales that I will be on the phone all of the time calling people to try and see if they are actually interested in attending the school. I will then have to access the interested person and see if they are serious about completing a degree with the school. I think I could do ok in this position. It would be high stress but I think it would be very rewarding to see a student I helped start school graduate college. I hope I hear back about this position next week.

I have been sending out Thank You notes after each of these interviews. I already received one response about the thank you. I think it is important to let the potential employer know how much you appreciate their time.

I don't plan to hear much more this weekend about jobs but hopefully we will do something fun this weekend. 

I got groceries today, and went to the library.
I also made pizza and plan on making roast tom. or on Sun.

Money is starting to come in from refunds from insurance checks and other sources. Finally!
I am still using, hits4pay, swagbucks, and recently added mypoints. It will probably take some time to build up to a gift card but better to start now then later when we really need it!

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