Thursday, January 6, 2011

Moving into the New Year

Welcome to 2011!
Changes are a comin' this year. I will be getting married. I have moved to Texas with my wonderful fiancée and dog Coda. Lets begin with moving.
First a recap of the end of 2010:
 My whirlwind adventure at home began after getting off work in mid-Dec. I then drove home through all sorts of weather.  I didn't hit bad weather until Illinois where it was freezing rain. I saw an accident happen behind me and then was stopped in traffic 3 times after that for accidents (Luckily I wasn't stopped for too long). I finally made it to Indiana where it was snowing! I continued my journey and after a brief stop (1 hour power nap) arrived at home and attempted to sleep. My family loves me so much they kept me up.
 My best friend from High School got married the weekend I got home. I was busy Friday night and Saturday with wedding events. I was so honored to be a part of her and her husbands special day. I got to experience a new culture and receive an awesome cultural item!
 Christmas came and went with lots of good food and good times with family and friends (see last post). David and I hope to make it home as much as we can but we do have financial limitations just as everyone does.
 New Years Eve 2010 was a whirlwind of adventure! David and I went so many places. First we went to the Fuersts  house for dinner (Mexican YUM!). Then we headed to Rimer to see my best friend from high school Greg and his family. Next was Ottawa to see my sister and David's friends. Then we headed to my parents to say Hi! Finally we ended the night at another one of David's friends house. I really enjoyed seeing all of David's friends (they were mine too) and spending time with them. Luckily we can keep in touch through Facebook and being Techies as they are will never be too far away really!

New Year
Here are my goals for the New Year
Continue to lose weight! (Healthy eating & Portion control)
Read more books
Save money

Save money
Buy a couch, filing cabinet, hammock swing.

Here are a few pics of our new digs! I am not much of a decorator but here is what I have come up with. Somehow  I was able to pull together a color scheme of blues and browns and my pictures etc I have received over the years all match! Crazy!





Wine needed after unpacking!


David's Lair

The living room is a little bare but we will add to it in time!

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