Saturday, February 5, 2011

Which direction to go

Well I have interesting developments in the job department. 
I have interviewed with a family for a nanny position on Friday. I am not too hopeful about the outcome because they may not have anyone to cover the time in May I need off for the wedding.
I also got in touch with Susan's brother-in-law about taking a tour of his place of work on Mon. David insists it is an interview. I kind of agree since he keeps making it sounds like I should be dressed up but not have open toed shoes on. I have to go get a shirt that fits under my suit tom.
I also am signed up for CPR and First aid classes on Fri. for my MBF registration. 
I have a few options in the career department but I am not sure what will happen as of right now. 
I have to say I am hoping for the nanny job. I would not be adverse to a job at my friends brother-in-laws company either depending on what I would be doing. I will see if the nanny jobs comes through on Sun. If not I will head off to the interview/tour on Mon. If nothing comes of that I will take my CPR/First Aid on Fri. 

I hope I have some work soon.

Today's chocolate-Yummy oreo truffles! wish I had some.