Sunday, June 28, 2015

Birthday gifts!

My 29th birthday has come and gone but I thought I would fill you in on the gifts I received. 

First up my Mom sent me the gifts shown below. The purple tree is amethyst. I have always wanted one of these and it goes great in my bathroom with my owl.  The second gift was Aquamarine and Muscovite from Schinua, China. My mom picked up these great finds at the Cleveland Gem and Mineral show.
Aquamarine and Muscovite (left) Amethyst Tree (right)

 The next gift was from my husband. I had been debating about getting a new fit bit for a while. I really am interested in monitoring my heart rate since I get cold a lot. He was very thoughtful and bought me a fit bit charge HR. I haven;t gotten to use it but will be reviewing it soon.

I also want to thank my Mom, Mom-in-law, and sister for the very nice cards from their families. 
Thanks also to all those wishing me a happy birthday on facebook. Onward to another year of mischief, mayhem, and wonders.

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