Monday, June 29, 2015

Review of "Entreleadership" audiobook by Dave Ramsey

Brief Summary: Dave Ramsey, the author and narrator, conveys the morals and values he has used to run a successful business and how you can and should employ these to have your own successful company.

Long Review: Entreleadership authored and read by Dave Ramsey is a great introductory book for those who already are familiar with the Ramsey philosophy and have interest in starting their own business. 

I listened to the audio book on my commute to and from work, giving me the book in short installments. I appreciated only catching a few themes at a time as this allowed me more time to absorb the lessons and corresponding stories. I would not recommend listening to this book in long  stretches as Mr. Ramsey's voice can become annoying. 

While most of the principles are about generally being a good person I found the fact religion was brought into the subject as unnecessary. In the book it wasn't stated that Ramsey would discriminate based on a potential employee's religion. The book gave me the impression religion  would be taken into account in his hiring process and is a practice I would not appreciate if I were a potential employee.

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