Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Riversport Challenge Duathlon

This past weekend was a busy one here. Saturday morning the DH and I were up and off at 6 am for a Duathlon in which I was sponsored by my company. The race was a kayak or paddle board for 500 meters and 5 km run. Well I was not too excited about the running part of the race. The weekend before I had jumped off a planter in our backyard spraining my ankle.
Resting my sore ankle

After only a week of rest and no activity I was about to run a 5k.

Well we arrived at the Riversport Challenge complex and I got my packet. I was in Wave 4 of 11. 
As wave 3 was finished I was starting to get slightly nervous in my life jacket. Luckily there wasn't much time to think as we were being shepherded into our kayaks. The next thing I know the staff is handing me a paddle and saying, "you might need this" and I was in the water. I paddled as far away from others as I could so I wouldn't get caught up in the congestion as participants in others waves had done. I figured out after getting situated I needed to flip my paddles over so they would scoop the water. Oops! I waited as patiently as possible for the horn and then we were off.

The water leg went smoothly after that and I was fourth back to the dock. My split for the kayaking was 4:03. Then I went right into the run. Boy my arms were tired and I almost feel getting back onto the dock. I was fine except getting smeared with goose poop. The first 1k was not the best but also not the greatest. Since I was in wave 4 it was starting to get very hot by the time I started my run. I started walking after 1k because I was both tired and my left hip was cramping! I must have over compensated during the week and my hip was not happy to be working so hard again.

The rest of the 5k was run/walk style. The other racers were very nice and supportive. I finished the run in 39:59. Not my best time but for having a sore ankle and not training I will take it. Overall I finished in 44:01.

Getting ready to cross the finish line

I can't wait until next year and this time I will train.

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