Wednesday, July 1, 2015

PSA drain cleaning

Dearest internet friends,

If in the near future you will be buying a house please head this warning. Clean out your drains and S pipes when you move in!
We did not and now have two new things added to the list to do this holiday weekend.

The water had been taking longer and longer to drain out of the master bathroom sink. Being the do it yourself kind I thought "what the hey I will clean out the S bend pipe." I got it torn apart and let me tell you for a girl who is not squeamish I almost lost my dinner. I couldn't even bring myself to take a picture. Just imagine decomposing hair covered in slimy stuff, wait don't.

After grabbing the baby bottle brush I previously used for juicing and cleaning the pipe I couldn't remove I reassembled the sink.

Guess what? It still isn't draining properly. This weekend we get to snake the pipe after the s-bend to find the clog. We will be doing both bathrooms and the master shower. Ahh font tell the hubs it is a surprise.

Oh and if you know how to get stain not to bleed through cabinets I would be grateful if you left a comment. We have sanded, painted white, re-sanded, painted with kilz and re-painted. Whatever is bleeding through keeps coming! Auck! Help!

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  1. Yeah, in my experience it’s the snake the solution that ends up working the best for most drain clogs. Usually there’s just too much stuff in there tangled up for drain cleaners or homemade remedies to fix. As for the stain, I really don’t know: maybe a layer of clear sealant/primer over the stain before the paint?