Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Review of "Thrifty gardening from the ground up" by Marjorie Harris

Brief Summary: Thrify gardening from the ground up describes the basic gardening practices and plants for a new gardener.

Long Review: Overall I enjoyed reading Thrifty Gardening from the Ground Up. The principles outlined in the book have made me think more about our garden being new homeowners. We didn't follow the first rule and make sure our soil was prepared before planting anything. We will definitely need to work on preparing our soil better this fall and winter. The book doesn't outline money saving tips but instead offers advice on how to spend money most wisely. Money is outlined as to be spent over several years preparing the garden how you planned. The plan for the garden is also outlined as very important. Watering is brought up as a practice most people do incorrectly and was very informative.

Overall I appreciated the overview this book gave me on best practices in the garden and inspiration for the garden in our new home. I would recommend reading this book if you are interested in seeing your home garden in a new light.

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