Friday, July 17, 2015

Art after 5

Yesterday a happy hour was hosted on the rooftop of the OKC art museum. I had skipped a few previous happy hours so I wanted to attend. The temperature outside almost had me re-thinking that decision.
After work I stopped at the library quick to pick up a book on hold and then dropped my purse off at the car. The rooftop was scorching when we all arrived. I had a great time socializing and then went down to explore the art.

Look what I found!
Work from another roof

Chiuly Glass sculpture

Purple spikes

Wilky Wonka?

Glass hallway, my new home

Vase on the ceiling

Lavender Cylinder 

Boat and Balls Oh my!

Holy Boatman!
I had a great time viewing the other art as well. Except maybe the modern and abstract art....not too sure about those. The Faberge collection was interesting as well but I was not about to take a picture in there, too many witnesses.

Earlier in the day we had some excitement because the President was in town. See my cheesy video below of the view from work.

Snipers on the roof
On to a great weekend.

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