Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Review of "Fairy Keeper: by Amy Bearce

Brief Summary: Fairy Keeper thrusts the reader into the world of Aluvia and explores how people and magic are tied together.

Long Review: Sierra's life is hard but most people's lives in Aluvia are hard. Sierra and her sister, Phoebe, are under the care of their father, who is a dark alchemist. Sierra is a fairy keeper and must collect nectar from her faeries to give to her father for his dark purposes. Sierra dislikes her faeries and fate because she did not get to a choice. Sierra will do anything to protect her sister and when her faeries go missing she must set out on an epic quest to find them before it's too late and her sister is sold into the hands of an evil man. The book outlines the struggles of her quest to find her fairy and her growth into accepting her fate.

Overall the book was slow and did not grab my attention in the beginning. I almost stopped reading. There were several issues that were berated causing me to almost lose interest. I pushed through and am glad I did. The story picked up and I am interested in the world building and where the author will take the characters next. This book would be good for young adults or adults who are interested in stories with magic and love. 

Rating: 3/5

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