Monday, June 25, 2018

Review of Mer-Charmer

Brief Summary: "Mer-Charmer"  continues the story of Aluvia exploring the magic of the sea.

Long Review: Mer-Charmer is a good continuation book in the world of Aluvia. In this book we jump right in to Phoebe's life. Phoebe is being left at home as her sister and friends travel around Aluvia spreading the word about saving magic and their world. Danger is growing but Phoebe is sheltered due to the traumatic experience she had in Fairy Keeper. This book explores Phoebe's love of the sea and path to saving the Mer-people. 

All in all I enjoyed this book. I appreciated seeing the world develop further. I would have to say there were times when I got confused about the Mer-people's traditions. I wish those would have been explained further. The villain in the book was enrapturing and I enjoyed the conclusion immensely.  

Rating: 3/5

Other works by the author: Dragon Redeemer

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