Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Review of "What Happened" by Hillary Clinton

Brief Summary: What Happened is an interesting recounting of the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton's perspective.

Long Review: Disclaimer: I do not want to make this a political review but I am only human so my political leanings may influence my review.

Overall the book was a good review of what Hillary felt happened in the 2016 election. The story recounts details about her she run for president in 2008, her time as Secretary of State, and the election of 2016. Hillary also shares details about her life and childhood which helped me understand her as a person and why she may have made some of the decisions she did in the election.  The one criticism I have of the book is the layout. The book doesn't exactly follow the logical progression from deciding to run until after the election. The book is generally laid out in chronological order but there are a few instances where details are referred to that have been previously covered.

All in all I am glad I read the book and will be looking for more non-fiction political books to listen to in the future from both sides of the aisle.


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