Monday, July 23, 2018

Review of Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey

Brief Summary: Desert Solitaire is a magnificently written book about one of my favorite U.S. Parks.

Long Summary: Arches and Canyonlands national parks have held a special place in my heart since I saw them in college and I was happy to be transported back by this book. Mr. Abbey is very eloquent in his description of the natural world. He seems to be very adventurous and transports us to those places with him through his writing. The narrator for the audio book almost made me think he was the author. I did fall asleep to this book once but only because the reader was so soothing and the descriptions of locations so vivid.
I would recommend this book if you are interested in the natural world and detailed descriptions of adventures in them.

Rating: 4/5

Other Works by the Author: The Monkey Wrench GangFire on the Mountain, etc

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