Saturday, August 11, 2018

Review of "The Dark Forest" by

Brief Summary: The Dark Forest expands on the previous novel and a resolution is reach to the problem introduced.

Long Summary: I do not feel I can write this review without spoilers therefore SPOILERS  LIE AHEAD.

The beginning of this book starts out with an ant, a character from the previous book, and a new character in this book. There is a discussion between the two characters that proves pivotal as the book continues. The books is centered around the wall facers who are humanities hope against Trisolaris.  They are supposed to come up with plans only in their minds to keep the sofans from discovering their plans. The book covers many years of the crisis. The wall facers have challengers from the ETO trying to discover their plans. One wall facer  meets his wall breaker. The main character who is being followed in this book is a wall facer and seems to not be planning at all but instead starts an unexpected family. The government in charge of overseeing him puts his family into stasis to get him to work on the project. The plan works and he starts to work on the project and gets put in stasis himself. When he awakes 200 years later he is in a new world where progress has advanced and the wall facer project is no more. Another wall facer meets his wall breaker and the main character is the only wall facer remaining. A tragedy strikes the worlds' space fleets when a probe from Trisolaris reaches the solar system. Luo Ji, the main character, is reinstated as a wall facer and in now humanities only hope. His plan seems to have worked and an agreement is reached between humanities and the Trisolarans.

All in all this book was frustrating, depressing, and fascinating. There is a lot to unpack and I can't wait until I have someone to discuss the book with in person.

Rating: 4/5

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