Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Bricks be gone!

This is a short story about listing on craigslist. We removed a planter earlier in the year that was all brick and really was an eyesore. In doing this there was a lot of leftover bricks. I didn't really know how to get rid of them as we are not supposed to put them in the garbage.
Well this last weekend we were getting things ready for my in-laws visit and I was not happy they were there. I have been reading a homesteading blog and they mentioned free stuff on craigslist. I decided to try and see if someone wanted these bricks.
pretty brick
I listed the bricks stating they were from a demolished planter with mortar attached. Within 15-30 minutes someone had contacted me about the listing. I gave him the info. and he stopped by. He didn't even want any help. He took all of the brick material and there was only a small amount of mortar left to clean up. I learned a valuable lesson, people will always want free stuff. The next time there is something I do not want, especially if it messy, I will list it as free and you haul away.

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