Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Wind anyone?

Last weekends 8 miles went pretty well. They were into the wind for about 4 miles though. I did go on Friday since it was warm. I had run 4 on Thursday so I was slightly tired but pushed on through. With winter upon us here in Oklahoma the winds have returned. At around 20 mph on a good day, ok maybe some days, it makes running a bit of a trial. I was able to finish 8 miles no problem.
8 miles by the lake
Today's run was 4 miler in the strong Southerly wind. It was warm though so the long sleeve shirt I had on was too much. I might need to start some time work one day a week to increase my speed. my times are not terrible around 12 min per mile but I would like to be closer to 10. I am happy most days with just finishing. I know it is the days like today running in the wind that are making me stronger and will pull me through when the marathon comes.

Christmas time is here!
 Happy Thanksgiving! Hope y'all are running a turkey trot on Thursday!

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