Sunday, November 15, 2015

Where's the bathroom?

Well today's run was eventful for sure. The weather wasn't so great. The wind was blowing and the temperatures were in the 50s. I bit the bullet around 9:30 am or so and decided to get dressed ans head out.
When I finally made it to the car I decided to do some hill work. I went to the Oklahoma River trail. The run went fine for the first few miles. I then needed to go to the bathroom. I had already passed the only restrooms I knew about on the side of the river I was on. I didn't want to turn around so I pushed forward. I saw some soccer fields so I headed for them. There were port-o-jons but non tissue. I decided to keep on going. The next area I came across was the skate park before crossing back to the other side of the river. Again no tp. I headed back to my car thinking there were restrooms there. Well wouldn't ya know I get back to the area and no restrooms. I gave up and headed to whole foods to pick up a few things and lunch. I did get to use the restroom there. I picked up a few things and headed home.
I ended up completing 7.5 miles with all the running around trying to find a bathroom. Next time I will remember to bring Tp. I should also not eat Mexican food before a run.
Have a good night.
7 cold, windy miles done

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