Thursday, March 24, 2016

Mid-week runs

I am free for the weekend! I have finished my mid-week runs without too much difficulty. Here is a quick recap and then I am off to finish errands before camping.

Tuesday night I completed a 12X0.25 at 11 min/mile pace. I have decided that I really like running on the treadmills on Tuesdays because I can control my pace and watch HGTV. Do you know who is on Tuesday nights? Well only the cutest couple ever Chip and Jo from Fixer Upper. They really make the runs easier. I struggled a bit and walked a few of the intervals. I ended up keeping to a 12 min/mile pace though. I was still pretty sore from the 20 miler. I think the power walking did me in more than the running. I had no problem running but walking was a problem.

Today I have the day off for the Easter holiday weekend. First I was going to go to the gym at work, shower, and finish errands. I forgot due to budget cuts they close during certain hours. No I don't remember what they are. Instead I decided to run at home. I got everything ready and started. Boy it was rough. I made it .75 miles and called it quits. I took an allergy pill and headed outside. Now it is still windy, and cold but I decided to do it anyways. I pounded out the run and ended up with a PR in mile and PR in 5k. I was pretty proud and pretty cold.

The marathon just seems more and more a reality the more I train.
Time to get ready for the weekend. See you all again soon.;

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