Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Returning to running

I am not exactly over my bronchitis but I waited as long as I could to return to running. After a week of rest and coughing almost night and day I returned to running. 

First let's do a quick recap. Over a week ago now I came down with Bronchitis. I only made it 5 miles of 18 miles on the Sunday long run. On Monday I hit up the doctor for some x-rays and meds. I took off my mid-week runs and rested. I also developed a runny nose from the Mucinex and think I may have developed a sinus infection. Luckily the doctor gave me meds for infections.  I still am slightly congested in my nasal passages but I am ignoring it. 

This past Sunday I decided to go ahead and run/walk the 15 miles called for in my training plan. I know taking a few days off doesn't hurt but I didn't want it to be more than a week since a long run. 
The 15 miles went as well as could be expected. I would say I ran about a third. This felt like a small victory to me. The first 5 miles were rough as my body was clearing my nasal passages out and I thought I was going to go through an entire box of tissues getting the gunk out. The torrent of gunk did eventually slow though not stop. I spent most of the time watching Buffy and ignoring my frustration. I would have much rather been outside. The room I was working out in was hot as well despite my efforts to keep it cool. I was able to stick with my run and finish!

Yesterday was my first test back at running. I decided to hit up the treadmill again for my interval training. The intervals were 8x0.5 miles at 11:05-11:10 min/mile or 5.4 mph. I am proud to report I completed all intervals without too much trouble. I did walk my rest periods at 4 mph for 0.25 miles. I almost upped the mph during the rest intervals because walking was annoying me but I am trying not to push myself too hard. 

Tom. I am scheduled for 8 miles at tempo. I plan on running on the treadmill again and since doing this will take 1.6 hours or about an hour and a half. They generally do not like having someone on the treadmill for that amount of time at the gym. I am optimistic about the run but do feel I might have to take a couple of walking breaks. 

This weekend will be the real challenge. I am going to the A2A Mercy 20 mile run. I have booked the hotel and am mentally trying to prepare. The race is all downhill which may be a blessing and a curse. I have already lost one toe nail and have a feeling a few more may be on the outs. Ah well. I am slightly worried about my knees since they will be my brakes. If the 20 miles goes well I may be back on for my marathon run. 

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