Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Running through life

My life has been such a whirlwind lately. I somehow find myself sitting here finishing up Wednesday. Where did the time go?
My run on Sunday went. I am not going to say it went well, but it went. I decided to go to the river to run. I had been on the trail the week before and knew approximately that it was 6.5 miles from work to the switch over point. I started out on the West side and ran towards the boathouse. The wind was from the North/NW making this pretty easy. The weather was hot as well too. I had my new shoes on and they were feeling great.  I also carried a water bottle with me again to hydrate. I have been switching hands every mile to keep the muscle strain from holding the water even. Everything was going pretty well until about the half way mark. I had to use the restroom. The pizza I had the night before was not agreeing with me. I stopped at the boathouse and used the facilities. The one thing I do not like about running along the river is the lack of bathrooms and water stops. I finished up the run and headed home. I may have stopped for a scoop of ice cream on the way home as I missed lunch. It was delightful. 
Monday was super busy with a lot going on at work. I tried to do my best with stretching and not stressing. 
Yesterday I had an interval run. This was rough too. I am not sure if I am not fueling properly with my food. Or I need more sleep but running is not easy right now. I just feel mentally tired more than physically. I was able to push through it last night though. I did 12X400m or 12X0.25miles at 11:05-11 min/mile or 5.3-5.4 miles per minute. I rested for a quarter of a mile after each interval. I made it though. I am going to focus on stretching more today and tom. 
Hope the rest of your week goes well. It is half over already!!

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