Saturday, February 27, 2016

Running update

Here is a quick update of my runs this week and what my weekend has looked like so far.
I did not stretch enough this week for sure. I found some friction burns with week after my long run. I don't think the outfit I wore on Wednesday helped either.
On Wednesday I ran my 3 interval miles at 11:20 min/mile or 5.3 miles per hour. It went pretty well and I was able to finish before running to the restroom. I had been having issues since after my long run on Monday. It may have also been the sprout sandwich as I mentioned in an earlier post. Other than the bathroom issue my run went fine.
Yesterday was my day off and I took time to clean a bit and run a few errands. I even managed to vote early. I ran 10 long windy, hot miles around the lake. I only took one bottle of water with me and only had 6 gatorade chews as fuel. The bottle of water had sucralose in it though. Blech. The wind was from the south and slowed me down for sure.I did my best and did keep very close to the 12:15 min/miles I was supposed to. I finished in under 2 hours which is good. I got home and ate a bite, and got cleaned up. I ran a few errands and then met some colleagues to send one of them off who is moving away. :(
Today was a nice day if a little breezy. My DH and I got groceries in the morning. I then decided to go get a new pair of shoes. I decided on the Hoka  Odyssey shoes. They feel a bit more springy in the forefoot than the Cliftons. I will see how they do on my long run tom. We went to the zoo in the afternoon and  I got tired out after a few hours. There are quite a few hills. We headed home, and picked up a pizza. My DH dropped me off at TJmaxx so I could look for some new sports bras. I found a champion and under armor heat gear bra. I am not sure about the stitching on either but I am hoping they will be better than the bras I have been using. I have some serious chaff burns going on my chest and I am hoping this helps. If not I might be breaking out the body glide sooner than I thought.
I am also excited be cause I signed up for another race! I am going to do my first of two 20 miles runs as a race. Specifically I will be running the A2A (Arbuckles2Ardmore) Race for Mercy race. They are awesome and have a 20 mile run for those training for a marathon. I am so thankful I found this. I will be able to train for my fuel and water stops for the marathon. The OKC marathon has fewer stops (about every 2 miles) compared to Ardmore but it will still be good training to run through them. I still haven't ruled out the possibility of running with a bottle of water. I have been enjoying only running with my flipbelt on and carrying a bottle of water on my longer runs. I will keep trying this and see how it goes.
Wish me luck on my 13 tom.

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