Friday, February 5, 2016

4 mile city run

I ran 4 miles on Thursday . The run was interesting as I decided to take a different route. I ran about a mile and a quarter North from work. This caused to have to go across traffic in a couple ways. There were lights and parking garages.  I made it through all the traffic pretty well. There was a gentleman who commented on how the lights were not working in my favor. He was walking and kept catching up to me since the lights wouldn't change.
I finished my run by running around a garden and had an interaction with a homeless individual. She asked if I knew where the community outreach center was and I had to say no. She was very nice though. She even told another gentleman how nice I was for at least acknowledging her unlike the other runner she had tried to ask. Side note here, the other runner had her music up VERY loud. I tried to say goodbye to her after finishing up my run as she was stretching and she didn't even acknowledge me. All in all it was a nice run and I got it done. 
Oh and on my way home I say the homeless woman sitting in the entrance to a construction site and she looked like she was writing in a notebook. I hope she got where she was trying to go.

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