Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Running update

Well Happy New Year. Yes, I think it really has been that long. I kind of feel off the blogging wagon and am going to try and remedy the situation here in the next few weeks. My life feels crazy right now as my career field is going through some trying times and my job may be up in the air. I just am not comfortable with the uncertainty of the future. I am such a planner and not having control of a situation is very hard for me. 
In any case I am still running!! yay me! I am a little behind on where I want to be with training though. The two weeks I was in OHIO over the holidays did a number on my running schedule. I did try to get my runs in but the weather did not cooperate too often. I am about two miles behind where I would like to be on my long run. I have done 15ish and wanted to be up to 17 miles. I am pretty tired these days but I think it is due to the stress of the job situation and the constant recovery from running. I am trying to change a few things in my diet. I am going to add more fats and protein to see if this will help with the fatigue. I am also going to track my calories with MyFitnessPal again. I have put on a few extra pounds as desserts look very appetizing when I know I will be running, or think I will be running the calories off later in the week on my runs. 
I have also changed up my maintenance runs during the week. I am still running the 4 miles twice a week with some extra challenges. The run on one day, usually Tuesdays, are hill days. My co-worker told me about the bridges his running group uses and I have been running there after work. Luckily this is before the majority of the running group arrives as there is about 200+ people. The few times I have been there later and they were running looked crazy! The hill runs have really helped to decrease my min/mile average and I am getting pretty good at motivating myself to the top of the hill. I am sure this will come in handy for the OKC marathon. The second run during the week, usually Thursdays, is a fartlek run. I have to admit farleks are really not that much fun. I can run at a decent clip when I really push myself but then I feel like I have to walk to recover. The point of a fartlek is to run faster than your normal pace and then recover at a comfortable pace. In my mind this should not be walking. The farlek run has also proven to be helpful as I can see based on my min/mile average that I can run faster than I thought.
My long runs are getting much more challenging. My last long run in OKC was a disaster. I was supposed to run 17 and ended up around 15. I started later in the afternoon so it would be warmer but it was very windy. I am talking 25mph sustained from the South. I got to my running location and I put on my gear and just couldn't get in the groove. My running belt wasn't fitting right and I just wasn't having it. Side not here, my emotions were getting the better of me. I didn't realize it at the time but my period was going to start in a few days and I was PMSing hard. I came home and started running on the treadmill until my DH got back from walking the dog. I had short freak out and then got back to it. I managed two laps around the neighborhood for 8 miles and then hit the treadmill for another 7ish. I was so upset at myself. Firstly, it wouldn't have taken so long if I would have just kept at it, and second of all I let my emotions get in the way. Ugh. 
I have an interesting decision to make about my running belt. I haven't worn it since the incident where it just wouldn't sit right. I have never felt very comfortable wearing it but I don't like running loops or with a water bottle in my hand. Therefore on my long runs I feel like I have to wear the belt so I can stay hydrated. I am not sure if the belt just wasn't fitting correctly because I was on my period and bloated or if I gave up too quickly. I usually take a bit before everything feels right on my long runs. I might try again this weekend and see how it goes. 
As for this weekend I have my 19 miler coming up. I am not going to promise I will do the full 19 but I am going to aim for that number. I have a good idea of the route I will take and am going to have my DH pick me up after I am done. I am hoping that the wind and temperatures will be in my favor as I could really use a long run to help me feel like this marathon is possible. Right now I am debating whether continuing for the full or scaling back to the half. I still have some time to decide but I am not sure what I want or feel like I can manage. 
I have started looking at tattoos for my post race/birthday celebration and that is helping me stay motivated. 
Until next time, see you out on the road!

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