Wednesday, February 10, 2016

FIRST 5x1200m run

After another disappointing run this weekend I decided to do some more research about marathon training plans. I found the FIRST program which I will be following for the rest of my training. I decided to pick this training plan because it already fits into the number of days a week I am already training. Second, the plan only has training to 20 miles which you complete twice. At this point I know I can probably run 20 miles and recuperate without too much down time. I am not sure that I can run 26.2 and recover in a decent amount of time. Running 26.2 only once sounds like a much better idea to me. I might change my mind after the marathon but I have to finish first to decide that. I also appreciate the long runs are run at a slower pace. I think this may be where I was doing myself more harm than good.  My pace for long runs has been too fast, especially when I started running.

After deciding what training program to follow I also made the decision to purchase a Garmin Forerunner 15 . This will help me stay on my race pace goal when training, and in the race as well. Now, my pace might seem pretty slow. Please don't laugh. My goal is to just finish and I expect my time to be terrible compared to others. I am not going to judge myself against anyone else though. I am just trying to finish. I plan on running 12 min/mile. I know, I know slow. I could probably keep 11-10 min/mile but only for about 3-6 miles. Then I would be exhausted and not able to go anymore.
All that to say I am still planning on running the marathon although I am training in a different way.

The 5x1200m went well. The plan calls for the pace to be 11:20 min/mile. I decided to run on the treadmill since I didn't have my Garmin yet. I warmed up with 400m and then rested 400m in between the sets. I think it actually went very well. I walked the rest intervals a few times as I was trying to catch up with a friend. I felt pretty good even though I was running faster than I normally do. I am hopeful this new program will help me to finish the marathon.

I am looking forward to using my new Garmin tom. for my tempo run and will report back.

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