Tuesday, February 23, 2016

17 afternoon miles

Oh the tale I have to tell about this weekends long run. I had been off the schedule this week as I went out on Thursday evening. I instead ran after work on Friday and did 8 miles. I rested on Saturday but helped my husband lay floor in our living room. Well Sunday I tried to go out for a run around the lake but the wind and my back deterred me.I was going to try to run on the treadmill but after a mile quit. I instead rested and stretched a lot. I felt as I didn't know if I would even conquer more than 15 miles. I made the decision to take Monday afternoon off after finishing a project at work and try for 17 miles. 
Well Monday morning rolled around and well it was a Monday. I went out for lunch at a sandwich shop and tried a sandwich with sprouts. As I was finishing up work my back started hurting a bit on my way out I discovered Aunt Flo was making an appearance. I decided I didn't care, dealt with the situation and headed out for my run. 
I am not going to lie, the run sucked. I had to use my flip belt as I had forgotten the bottles for my water belt. I was carrying about 12 oz of water for the whole run and was very thirsty by the time I finished. I ran from work to almost home. About 2/3 of the way through the run I felt the urge to use the restroom. This was an emergency urge with no where to go and nothing to wipe with. I instead kept going. I finished up and waited for my ride (who was late). Note to those picking up a runner, if they are giving you there location 2 miles out after a long run figure out where they will be finishing yourself and be there with hugs and water when they are done. I progressively got colder as the sun went down and because I wasn't running. My DH finally showed up with a warm car and cold gatorade. I had the gatorade gone before we were at the light to go home. When I got home my stomach was a mess but I inhaled dinner. The rest of the night was spent resting and then in the bathroom. I am pretty sure the combination of bad sprouts plus gu did not serve my body well.  Note to everyone, do not try anything new on a long run. Note to myself, don't trust sprouts ever again.

Evening has come after 17 miles
I was very happy to have finished my 17 miles. I am looking forward to my 20 miler. If I can do that I can run the marathon. I only have to do it once right? 

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