Monday, February 8, 2016

Long run recap

Well my long run weekend was a bit of a bust.
Still smiling after 13 miles
I set out to run 19 miles. First I was going to run at a park North of my house and complete 6+ 5k loops. Turns out the bathroom was closed for the winter so that was a bust. Lame. 
Then I went to go home and realized I was locked out of the house. DH had run some errands to get ready to make beer and I forgot to take house key. I decided to go to the lake and take a walk until he got home intending to run 19 on Sunday. Well after going to the bathroom and walking around I decided I wasn't interested in spending money on lunch, or walking around anymore so I should just run. 
I completed my first loop of 10 miles in 2 hours, which I was pretty happy with. The problem came when it was time to do my second loop. I was tired, and so, so, so super hungry. I got about 3 crappy miles in and called it quits. The wind in my face wasn't helping anything either. I just did not have my head in the game. I gave up and walked the 3 miles back to my car and headed home. 

This is the second or third weekend in a row I haven't gotten the full amount of my run in that I would like. I have consistently been completing a half since the beginning of the year. I checked into when was the deadline to switch to the half and it ends either the week of the race, or expo day if they don't sell out. 
I found a new training program this morning I am going to try. The max mileage is 20 miles and I will only be doing that twice. I think I only ever want to run 26.2 once in my life. 20 miles while long seems much more manageable. Who knows, this Friday is my day off work so I might decide to run 2 loops around the lake again and have a fab time and continue doing 20 miles every 2 weeks until the race. I am trying to be hopeful and keep my spirits up. I just have to keep training and running and I will get there, I think. 
Here is the new program I am going to be working with up until the race.

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