Monday, February 15, 2016

Review of the Water Keepers Series Books 1-3

Brief Summary: The water keeper Series by Christie Anderson follows Sadie James and her learning the secrets of her past including her mysterious protector Rayne, who is more than he seems. 

Long Review: I am an avid reader of young adult series. This is one of my favorites so far but can be frustrating at times.
In Deep Blue Secret, Sadie is a typical teenage Southern California girl finishing up high school. Her happy mother Lena and her have been on their own since Sadie's father left before she was born. On a trip to the beach she falls and hits her head ending up in the ocean but is saved by a mysterious stranger. Later she is on her way home from her best friends house and is in a tragic car accident. The mysterious stranger is at her bedside when she wakes up and she demands answers. His name is Rayne and he gave her something called "Healing Water" in order to heal her wounds. She is attracted to Rayne but learns it is just due to the effects of her treatment. This treatment also makes a birthmark she has change color. After the first dose of healing water she has several episodes due to lack of healing water. A hardened criminal Voss Hastings and his son Ash, who is the former best friend to Rayne, kidnap Sadie to try to get to her father. Rayne comes to the day and saves her. 
In Rouge Wave, Sadie and Rayne are playing the part of a young teenage couple due to the fact that Rayne needs to stay near her to administer the water and protect her from harm. Sadie is having a hard time knowing their relationship isn't real but due to the effects of the healing water. Ash and his father Voss again target Sadie and her mother. This time Sadie's father makes an appearance to save both Lena and Sadie's lives. 
In Ambrosia Shore, Rayne races back to where he is from to save Sadie's life. Rayne is able to save Sadie but not without breaking the law. Rayne takes Sadie to his home after she is healed and she receives a gift from Rayne's grandmother.  Rayne is taken into custody and Sadie decides to testify to the authorities on his behalf. The authorities give her the opportunity to return home. On the trip she has an experience that changes her but she doesn't tell anyone yet. Her father is still at her home with her mother, whom Sadie finds in a dire state when she returns. Sadie is able to heal her broken heart. Meanwhile Rayne is in jail awaiting trial with his former best friend Ash and trying to repair their relationship. Sadie has a choice to make and needs Rayne's input. Her father returns to help Rayne get out of the mess he is in and is successful. Sadie has a choice to make whether to stay in SoCal or travel to where Rayne and her father live forever. With her mother's acceptance they decide to go. The book concludes with an omniscient tone as Sadie is discovered to be a prophet by enemies of her fathers. 
The books are very well written. There are a few times I had to remind myself Sadie is only 18 and doesn't have the foresight to tell anyone about the strange occurrences happening in her life quicker. I have felt more could have been done sooner if someone would have just known what was happening. As a protector Rayne seems to have limited knowledge about what is happening to Sadie even though it seems it has been predicted in the past. Unfortunately and fortunately the series is not over but the next book has yet to be released. I look forward to reading and reviewing the newest books. 

Rating: 4/5

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